Through life his word had been his bond, and Nicol Brinn was incapable of compromising with his conscience. But the direct way was barred to him. Nevertheless, no task could appal the inflexible spirit of the man, and he had registered a silent vow that Ormuz Khan should never leave England alive.

Refuse to do as I say, and a charge will be laid against you before the pontifices, that you have broken the vow which binds every Vestal. All the appearances will be against you, and you know what will follow then!" College of chief priests. Fabia grew a shade paler, if it were possible, than before.

Profligacy is intensely selfish, and thinks not of the feelings of others. But hast thou drawn bolt and bar after them? I vow I scarce saw when they left the hall." "I let them out at the little postern," said the Colonel; "and when I returned, I was afraid I had found you ill." "Joy joy, only joy, Albert I cannot allow a thought of doubt to cross my breast.

Catriona, try to put yourself in my place, as I vow to God I try hard to put myself in yours. This is no kind of talk that should ever have fallen between me and you; no kind of talk; my heart is sick with it. See, keep him here till two of the morning, and I care not. Try him with that." They spoke together once more in the Gaelic. "He says he has James More my father's errand," said she.

Centuries have passed, the property has changed hands; but still there is the shrine on the giddy top of the tower, far aloft over the street, on the very spot where the monkey sat, and there burns the lamp, in memory of the father's vow. This being the tenure by which the estate is held, the extinguishment of that flame might yet turn the present owner out of the palace. May 21st.

I vow to goodness that all our money, and food and clothing, too, I believe, go to feed a set of good-for-nothing, ragged rascals. 'Hush, Davy! Remember they are God's creatures, and this is Sunday. 'I don't know that. And if it's Sunday, why mayn't I sleep in peace? 'Indeed, I am very sorry. But that poor girl I told you of is so ill! 'Hang the poor girl!

"Mother! mother!" he cried, catching her hand and kissing it, "what a mother you are!" "You understand," she said, "that it is because I believe you were not master of yourself, and that this is the exception, not the habit, that I am willing to do all I can for you." "The habit! No, indeed! I never staked more than a box of gloves before; but what's the good, if she has made a vow against me?"

I cannot wed the child of thy Count: the wife of Harold sits beside him." And he pointed to the proud beauty of Aldyth, enthroned under the drapery of gold. "For the vow that I took, I deny it not.

For once they have emotionalized it, have really felt its power, this story will become to them a rare possession and will entwine itself in the warp and woof of their lives and form a pattern of exceeding beauty whose colors will not fade. They shall hear the solemn vow of the father to sacrifice unto the Lord the first living creature that meets his gaze after the victory over his enemies.

The steward had seen that a court and its ways were no new thing to him, and had seen too that he had been wont to take the first place somewhere; so he had deemed that this princely-looking youth was under a vow of service, in the old way. It is likely that the Welsh name would make him think that he was from beyond the marches to the west, and that was just as well.