But I maun speak to this gabbling skyte too, for bairns and fules speak at the Cross what they hear at the ingle-side. D'ye hear, you, Andrew what's your name? Fairservice!" Andrew, who at the last rebuff had fallen a good way behind, did not choose to acknowledge the summons. "Andrew, ye scoundrel!" repeated Mr. Jarvie; "here, sir here!" "Here is for the dog." said Andrew, coming up sulkily.

Never was known a fairy yet who sang or played of aught but joy and mirth. The first company of the little folk passed Janet as she stood patient, watchful by the cross; the second passed, and then there came the third. 'The black steed! Let it go, said Janet to herself. 'The brown steed! It matters not to me, she whispered.

Never mind what these chattering old women in town say about him now. I never saw him this way but once before. That was when he had been given some brandy. 'Member that time, Cross, when we all went fishin' down to Pine Cove? Gosh! Must have been all of twenty years ago." All that Mr. Cross Moore emitted was a grunt, but he nodded. "Hopewell cut himself 'bad on a rusty bailer.

To speak of Christ's acceptance of the Father's commandment, then, is but another way of saying that Christ, in all the fullness of His self-surrender, entered into and took as His own the great, eternal divine purpose, that the world should be redeemed by His death upon the Cross. The heavenward side of His love to man is His love to the Father, God.

David, who personated the poor man who had come to sell a piece of ground, talked so admirably like a countryman, and was so oddly crochety and cross and gruff and impossible to make terms with; and then Norton, who was the rich man he had come to see and who wanted the land, coaxed him so skilfully, and ordered all sorts of good things to be brought to him, when he found he had come a good way and was hungry; and the imaginary banquet was very funny, David making inquiries and comments over the dishes he did not know and Norton supplying him with others, till he was satisfied.

The Count felt for something in his pocketbook, about twice as large as a spectacle-case, and, at length, drew out two or three little paper packets, which he unfolded, and exhibited a superb ruby. He threw on the table, with a contemptuous air, a little cross of green and white stones. I looked at it and said, "That is not to be despised." I put it on, and admired it greatly.

"The Apollos of the world, I don't mean in outward looks, mamma, but the Apollos in heart, the men, and the women too, who are so full of feeling, so soft-natured, so kind, who never say a cross word, who never get out of bed on the wrong side in the morning, it so often turns out that they won't wash." Such was the expression of Miss Lily Dale's experience. Mr Crawley Is Summoned to Barchester

From time to time Rafael saw her quiver with a mysterious tremor; then extend her arms and cross them behind her head of golden hair, in a voluptuous stretch that made her white robe rustle, while her limbs grew taut in a delicious tension. She seemed upset, ill almost; at times her panting breath was like a sob. Her head drooped over a shoulder and her breast heaved with countless sighs.

He was an amusing cross between a tricky little Paris gamin and a real child, and he hit off the characteristics of the various writers with as keen a touch of actuality as he could put into his stories of how many centimes he had won that morning at 'craps' from his friend Pierre.

As a sudden suffusion of this broad, low, dusky glare lay upon the scene for a moment, she saw against the dark blue Chilhowee Mountain in the middle distance something glimmering and waving, and as she strained her eyes it suddenly floated broadly forth to the breeze, the blended cross of St. George and St. Andrew blazoned on the British flag.