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and the gay, voluptuous native of the Sandwich, and other isles within the tropics the one passing his life in toil, privation, and care the other in ease, abundance, and enjoyment leads to a similar conclusion to that expressed by Goldsmith:

In the chapter dealing with the laundry I had occasion to speak of her voluptuous beauty. Her long years of hard labor and she labored harder than any one else there seemed to have wrought no effect upon her handsome, nerveless body. Her lovely eyes, her hair, her dazzling complexion and perfect features, were all worthy the reputation of a stage beauty.

And now, this summer morning, there she lay, all woman, insidiously, devilishly alluring woman, almost voluptuous in her self-confident abandonment to the fundamental conception of feminine existence. Lackaday's eyes rested on her admiringly. He did not reply to her remark, until she added in a bantering tone: "Tell me."

Ah! many tears have I shed since I was Duchess of Orleans; but your tender hand shall wipe them away, and in your sweet society I shall grow joyous again. We will sing the ditties of my fatherland; and, provided no one is within hearing, I will teach you our German dances, which, because of the corruption that dwells within their hearts, these French people stigmatize as voluptuous.

It was, indeed, sad; and yet, I know not how, it spoke more home to my heart than all the brilliant display and all the voluptuous splendor I had witnessed in London.

Carathis, however, being chastity in the abstract, and an implacable enemy to love and repose, at once rejected their prayer, mounted Alboufaki, and commanded them to take their seats in a moment; four days and four nights she continued her route, without turning to the right hand or left; on the fifth she traversed the mountains and half-burnt forests, and arrived on the sixth before the beautiful screens which concealed from all eyes the voluptuous wanderings of her son.

Her limitless power over the voluptuous old monarch had enabled her to amass an enormous fortune. With this she reared and embellished for herself a magnificent retreat, adorned with more than regal splendor, in the vicinity of Paris the Pavillon de Luciennes, on the borders of the forest of St. Germain.

Is this filial gratitude for a father's tenderness? to sacrifice ten years of your life to the lewd pleasures of an hour? in one voluptuous moment to stake the honor of an ancestry which has stood unspotted through seven centuries? Do you call this a son? Answer? Do you call this your son? OLD M. An undutiful son! Alas! but still my child! my child!

The velvet cloak sat so jauntily on her sloping shoulder; the doublet became her symmetry so well; and the rich lace collar was so arranged as to disguise the prominence of the chest that voluptuous fullness which could not be compressed. At length a sudden thought struck Fernand, and he inquired, in the usual manner, how Nisida had gained access to him?

Thus it might not have been, if Greece had first come within hail of Persia through the ordinary commerce of peace; since, in that case, after receiving from the latter her treacherous gifts, her voluptuous effeminacies, she would easily have fallen into the vast net-work that already trammelled all Asia, and would then, through her own entanglement, include the whole world.

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