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It did not take Hilda many minutes to finish her studying, with the promise of a story before her. This is the old Norse tale her mother told: "Long years ago, before our fatherland, Norway, became a Christian country, our people were taught that they must worship many gods. Nearly all of these they feared; a very few they loved. The greatest was Woden.

"The British Government will not allow anyone going to the Fatherland to take more than a very few pounds just enough to get them where they want to go, and a mark or two over. But that need not distress you, Frau Bauer." "But it does distress me very much!" exclaimed Anna. "In fact, I do not see now how I can go " She began to cry. "Are you sure quite sure of what you say?"

"See the German prince who is not ashamed to be a German! See our emperor in the uniform of the German infantry! Long live the emperor! Long live our fatherland! Long live the emperor!" shouted the multitude while Joseph, his heart overflowing with joy, made his way at last to the cathedral of St. Stephen.

The torture of that short period was the refinement of cruelty, but never for one moment did he waver from his fixed determination to face his inquisitors like a man and a son of his fatherland.

At any rate it would have been difficult to convince the host of deposed magistrates hurled from office, although recognized as faithful servants of the Fatherland, that such violent removal had taken place without detriment to the laws and privileges. And the Stadholder went to the few cities where some of the leaven still lingered.

Part of her industrial workers are under arms, the others are working in making war munitions for her own use, not, however, for the export of valuable wares." Admiral Hollweg has a clever theory that the German fleet has played a prominent role in the war, although most of the time it has been hugging the coasts of the Fatherland.

But let me die gloriously unafraid. Hellas calls to me! Hellas, my country. I alone can give her what she asks fair sailing, and fair victory. You bore me for the good of Hellas not for your own joy only, mother! Shall men brave all for women and their fatherland? and shall one life, one little life, stand in their way? Nay! I give my self to Hellas! Slay me! pull down the towers of Troy!

She was a good German scholar, and delighted the heart of the old man with the familiar language of the fatherland, which flowed glibly from her tongue. The consequence was, that that politic young woman left the florist's with three times the amount of flowers that I had, although I had spent just twice as much money. But, then, I could not speak German.

But it is his patriotic poems, his "Lyre and Sword," which have invested the name of Koerner with the halo of fame and rendered his memory sacred to his countrymen. His patriotic song, "Where is the German's fatherland," is a universal favorite. Arndt is not less celebrated for his historical and scientific works than for his poems.

Entertaining his new companions at dinner, however, towards the end of January, van Dyk, getting very drunk, informed them that the object of the enterprise was to kill the Stadholder; that arrangements had been made for effecting an immediate change in the magistracies in all the chief cities of Holland so soon as the deed was done; that all the recently deposed regents would enter the Hague at once, supported by a train of armed peasants from the country; and that better times for the oppressed religion, for the Fatherland, and especially for everyone engaged in the great undertaking, would begin with the death of the tyrant.