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The first pupil begins a sentence at the top of his, or her, voice and then in a sort of refrain it is taken up by all the others. The teacher sits outside the school very often sewing or preparing a meal or entertaining visitors; for the schoolhouse is an ordinary mat hut dwelling. If however a pupil makes a mistake in reading she hears instantly and corrects it.

'Well, it has been rather hard to keep him occupied away from books. He has been riding a good deal, and smoking a good deal. 'And talking a good deal? 'Well, yes, Wilf is fond of talking, admitted Mrs. Rossall, 'but I don't think he's anything like as positive as he was. He does now and then admit that other people may have an opinion which is worth entertaining.

They persist in the debate, and begin again 'But don't you see ? These sort of partial obliquities, as they are more entertaining and original, are also by their nature intermittent. They hold a man but for a season.

"Connie" walk resumed, speaker's eyes on the floor "if you'd only see that to me he's merely very interesting entertaining nothing more whatever I'd like to say just a word about him." "Say on, precious." "Well did you ever see a man so fond of men?" "Oh, of course he is, or men wouldn't be so fond of him." "I think he's fonder of men than of women!" Constance smiled: "Do you?"

At Whitminster he had the honour of entertaining the Prince of Wales, with his consort, and their daughter the late Duchess Dowager of Brunswick, then on a visit to Lord Bathurst at Cirencester.

The Emperor has obliged me to engage an almoner and two chaplains, and it would be too extravagant in me to keep six useless animals in my hotel. I must now submit to hearing the disgusting howlings of my almoner instead of the entertaining chat of my parrot, and to see the awkward bows and kneelings of my chaplains instead of the amusing capering of my monkeys.

I find that, without the merit of entertaining any philosophical views, I have followed, unconsciously, the same routine. Having discussed the book-hunter as he individually pursues his object, I now propose to look in upon him at his club, and say something about its peculiarities, as the shape in which he takes up the pursuit collectively with others who happen to be like-minded to himself.

An inquiry into the nature of propositions must have one of two objects: to analyze the state of mind called Belief, or to analyze what is believed. All language recognizes a difference between a doctrine or opinion, and the fact of entertaining the opinion; between assent, and what is assented to.

Games of skill, innocent, instructive, and entertaining, may be used to make home life more attractive. Only let the amusements of the home be under the direction of father and mother, and be practiced by them. Here is a chance to teach shrewdness, honor, interest, and by all means, moderation. To overdo at games and amusements is more harmful than to overwork.

Furrey, "how it is that I have gained the confidence " At this moment Alice, who had been glancing over Mr. Furrey's shoulder for a moment with a look of interest in her eyes, which he thought was the legitimate result of his entertaining story, cried: "Why, there comes Mr. Farnham, mamma." "So it is," said her mother. "I suppose he wants to see me. Don't move, Mr. Furrey. Mr.