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The men were standing in a group, wondering what the news could be which was deemed of such importance that Bathurst should carry it out in the middle of the night. "The Major will be glad if you will all go in, gentlemen," Bathurst said, as he joined them. "Are we to go in, Mr. Bathurst?" Miss Hunter asked.

* The peers that distinguished themselves in the opposition were Beaufort, Strafford, Craven, Foley, Litchfield, Scarsdale, Grower, Mountjoy, Plymouth, Bathurst, Northampton, Coventry, Oxford and Mortimer, Willoughby de Broke, Boyle, and Warrington.

There has appeared in the Bristol newspapers a publication respecting a Meeting for the purpose of uniting in a testimony of gratitude to Bragge Bathurst. At this meeting the following resolutions were passed; but, I beg you to observe, first, the language and sentiments of the resolutions, and next, who were the principal actors in the scene.

"My life is yours, sahib," she said simply to Bathurst. "It was right that I should give it for this lady you love." "What does she say?" Isobel asked. "She says that she owed me her life for that tiger business, you know, and was ready to give it for you because I had set my mind on saving you." "Is that what she really said, Mr. Bathurst?"

"Then we will begin at once," Bathurst said, and, taking a crowbar and pick from the place where the tools were kept, he lighted the lamp and went along the gallery, accompanied by the Doctor, who carried two light bamboo ladders. "Do you think you will succeed, Bathurst?" "I am pretty sure of it," he said confidently. "I believe I have a friend there."

I don't think myself it is quite fair having a light behind him; still, if he agrees, it will be hardly possible for him to make the slightest movement without being seen." The juggler, who was sitting round at the other side of the house, was now called up. He and the girl, who followed him, salaamed deeply, and made an even deeper bow to Bathurst, who was standing behind Isobel's chair.

I know that not one of you has concealed about his person this document which has suddenly become so valuable. I know that not one of you would smuggle through to the enemy such a plan at any price, no matter how large. Nevertheless we must know beyond the shadow of a doubt that none of us has the map. And I insist, too, that I be searched first. Bathurst, Colton, begin!"

"Is she much disfigured, Rabda?" Bathurst asked. "Dreadfully;" the girl said sorrowfully. "The acid must have been too strong." "It was strong, no doubt," Bathurst said; "but if she had put it on as I instructed her it could only have burnt the surface of the skin." "It has burnt her dreadfully, sahib; even I should hardly have known her. She must be brave indeed to have done it.

Bathurst told me to say whoever went could have his horse, which is a long way the best in the station. I should fancy as good as your own." "I don't know," Forster said; "led horses are a nuisance; still, as you say, it might come in useful, if it is only to loose and turn down a side road, and so puzzle anyone who may be after you in the dark." The Major and Forster left the roof together.

They will ask no questions about the women; but if there is a woman among them, and she speaks, Rabda will answer her." For hours they had heard dull sounds in the air, which Bathurst had recognized at once as distant artillery, showing that the fight was going on near Dong.

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