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But when Hereward heard that Waltheof was married to the Conqueror's niece, he smote his hands together, and cursed him, and the mother who bore him to Siward the Stout. "Could thy father rise from his grave, he would split thy craven head in the very lap of the Frenchwoman." "A hard lap will he find it, Hereward," said Torfrida. "I know her, wanton, false, and vain.

He had done a good many mean and questionable things in his time, but never anything as gross as this. The thought of what his relation to a certain group of men to Denny especially would be in the future, stung sharply. But it is the part of the man of action to put both scruple and fear behind him on occasion. His career was in question. Craven? Well, Craven would be a difficulty.

As she gave the card to the messenger, she glanced again at the little French clock on the mantel. "Three hours," she murmured; "three hours in which to decide my fate! If I succeed, I can bid defiance to that craven when he shall come to-night; if not " she shuddered and walked over to the window, where she watched eagerly till she saw the cringing figure going hastily down the street.

He looked down silently on the card table for a few moments, pointed with a nicotine-stained finger to a move Miss Craven had missed and then wandered across the room and sat down at the piano. For a while his hands moved silently over the keys, then he began to play, and his playing was exquisite. Gillian sat and marvelled. Peters and music had seemed widely apart.

Suddenly she felt hard, and she wanted to punish Craven, as we only wish to punish those who can make us suffer because they have made us care for them. "It seems that they are all saying " She paused. She wanted to repeat the scandalous gossip about Beryl's visit to this mystery man, Arabian, immediately after her father's death. But she could not do it.

As the motor started Craven turned to him eagerly, with the question that had been on his lips for the last ten minutes. "How is Gillian?" Peters shot a sidelong glance at him. "Couldn't say," he said shortly; "she didn't mention her health when she wrote last but then she never does." "When she wrote " echoed Craven, and his voice was dull with disappointment; "isn't she at the Towers?

But, notwithstanding her evident abhorrence of his suit, Craven Le Noir persisted in his purpose. And so one morning he entered the parlor and, finding Clara alone, he closed the door, seated himself beside her, took her hand and made a formal declaration of love and proposal of marriage, urging his suit with all the eloquence of which he was master.

"What, the whole regiment?" said Craven. She sat down on a sofa by a basket of roses. He sat down near her. "No; only two or three of the leaders." "Do I know them?" "Probably. Mrs. Ackroyde?" "I know her." "Lady Archie Brook?" "Her, too." "I've also seen Lady Wrackley." "I have met Lady Wrackley, but I can hardly say I know her.

Murat was dissatisfied that the Emperor would not consent to his rejoining him in Dresden; and he said that he would rather be a captain of grenadiers than a King such as he was." Here I interrupted Rapp to tell him what had fallen from Murat when I met him in the Champs Elysees "Bah!" resumed Rapp, "Murat, brave as he was, was a craven in Napoleon's presence!

No sooner did the volunteer captain catch a glimpse of his up-coming reinforcements than he must needs show us a clean pair of heels, running like a craven coward and shouting madly to his men to close with us and cut us down. "After him!" roared Dick, who was by now as rage-mad as any berserker; and with a cut and thrust to right and left for the nipping trap-jaws we were out and away in chase.