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I saw twenty-five of its fifty miles, and the engineers in charge told me that I was the first American, or foreigner of any nationality, who had been allowed to visit it and make drawings and photographs of it. Why they allowed me to see it I do not know, nor can I imagine either why they should have objected to my doing so. There is no great mystery about it.

"I I don't understand it," Roy said, almost speechless with surprise. Archer sat down upon a rock and beckoned Roy to him. "There isn't much to tell you," he said. "A fellow from your town has been up here building these three cabins, that's all. We fellows down at camp called him Daniel Boone, but I believe his name is Slade. He's been a kind of a mystery up here for some time.

She hasn't mentioned him, you know," Milly went on, "herself." "No" her friend a little heavily weighed it "she wouldn't. So it's she, you see then, who has made the mystery." Yes, Milly but wanted to see; only there was so much. "There has been of course no particular reason." Yet that indeed was neither here nor there. "Do you think," she asked, "he is back?"

She lost it yesterday, and has searched the house for it. How came it in that old Bible, which I am sure has not been used for fifteen years?" Whatever solution of the mystery Salome might have deigned to offer, remained unuttered, for Dr.

I never thought it would storm so, but it was too late to get word to Tom, so I kept the appointment." "And so did I," added Tom. "How Jake Crouse got there is a mystery." "Not much of one, I guess," said Ray. "I fancy he was mad because he didn't kill all the horses and he was going to try it again.

Here, at last, he expected to find the captive and the pot of gold. And here the central mystery of his adventure began.

Nor did she see anything mysterious in the intense preoccupation of an insect, or the astounding placidity of a primrose growing at the foot of a tree. An insect you killed it. A flower you plucked it. What's the mystery? Her life was living among people of her own class. Her measure of a man or of a woman was, Were they of her class?

And a still greater marvel it is, an utter mystery to me, why that Oriental country should have continued faithful to the new religion. It must have had some elements of vitality almost worth fighting for, and which we do not comprehend.

As the public feast increased in popularity, so did the Mystery feast, of which the initiated alone were privileged to partake, acquire a symbolic significance: the foods partaken of became "un aliment de vie spirituelle, et doivent soutenir dans les epreuves de la vie l'initie."

But, as our story requires, it is the love itself between these two young persons, whose fates were so remarkable, we have to do with not the causes, which are a mystery in all cases.