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This is something like! So that's it, is it? You and he would not combine to cheat the old man, like a pair of lovers in a trumpery novel! 'No, indeed! said Isabel, 'that would be a bad way of beginning. 'Where is the young fellow? at Ebbscreek, did you say?

"But if there be, as there is in my case " "Once for all, John, not a word. But whether you will have my grandchild, or whether you will not and such a chance is rarely offered to a fellow of your standing" Uncle Ben despised all farmers "in any case I have at least resolved to let you know my secret; and for two good reasons.

When he heard what the Khoja said he chuckled to himself, saying, "Truly this Khoja is a funny fellow, and it would be a droll thing to see him refuse nine hundred and ninety-nine pieces of gold. For without doubt he would keep his word."

Venus was bit by the Dog Star or some sech foolishness all of which went to show that I come on the earth at jest the right diabolical moment. And I guess the fellow knew what he was a talkin' about, with his maps, and charts, and things. Anyway, I've got no kick comin'. I have always had the best o' good luck, and I'll pass it on to you.

He said he hoped you would be successful." "The idea of old Crabtree saying that!" burst out Tom. "It's enough to make a fellow think the end of the world is coming." "Did he say what he was doing, or what he proposes to do?" questioned Dick.

Next night brought no return of my barefooted fellow-lodger; but the night following, being in my bed, and in the dark somewhere, I suppose, about the same hour as before, I distinctly heard the old fellow again descending from the garrets. This time I had had my punch, and the morale of the garrison was consequently excellent.

In what the fellow had told me I saw clearly outlined a good deal of what must be my own fate in that vile solitude: which I perceived suddenly must be strewn everywhere with dead men lying unhidden, corrupting openly; since none there were to hide the dead from sight as we hide them in the living world.

I had stopped his mouth; he believed he had made a stupid mistake; he could never have imagined that a fellow without a sovereign in the world was speaking to him like that. If I had knocked him down the satisfaction would have been very slight in comparison.

"Only another weapon, Sweetheart, besides this prick-point small-sword!" said I, looking at the thing in my hand I doubt not a trifle scornfully. Helene shut to the door, and for a space I heard no more. Presently, however, she opened it again, and thrust an axe with a long handle through to me. It was the very fellow of the weapon I had used on the pendent calf in the kitchen.

"Still, it seems to me a man should love a woman for herself wholly, entirely for herself, and not because some other fellow has set his heart on her." "You are right there, in part," Perry answered.