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"Yet I'll not deny," continued Brother Roach, flinging his coat, which he had been carrying on his arm, across his shoulder, "that sech discourses go ag'in the grain It frets me in the mind for to hear what thundering great men folks git to be arter they are dead, though I hope we may both follow suit, Brother Brannum." "But how, Brother Johnny Roach?"

It looks like Spencer ain't got no kin nearer than a aunt, an' mebby a stragglin' herd of cousins. He never does have no brothers nor sisters; an' as for fathers an' mothers an' sech, they all cashes in before ever Spencer stampedes off for skelps in that Mexican War at all.

I don't like to see houses an' sech like go up in fire an' smoke, but after what wuz done at Wyomin' an' all through that valley, burnin' is a light thing." "We're bound to strike back with all our might," said Paul, who had the softest heart of them all. "Now, I wonder who's in this here town," said Tom Ross. "Mebbe Timmendiquas an' Brant an' all them renegades." "It may be so," said Henry.

He had sech shifty eyes I couldn't help but think that maybe he had stolen them things jest to raise some spending money." "Did he give his name?" "He said Jack Smith, but I don't think thet vas correct, for he hesitated afore he gave it." "A tall, slim fellow, with reddish hair and shifty eyes," mused Tom. "Do you remember how he was dressed?"

I'm goin' down ter the hollow, whar they built thar fire, ter see ef that old missin' tur-r-key-hen o' our'n hain't hid her nest off 'mongst them dead chunks, an' sech." "A tur-r-key ain't sech a powerful fool ez that," said Barney, coming to the edge of the precipice and looking over at the ledge, which ran along the face of the cliff twenty feet below.

But I don't; an' so it befalls that when we-all is in the very heart of the toone, an' at what it's no exaggeration to call a crisis in our destinies, I walks straddle of a stump. An' sech is my fatal momentum that the drum rolls up on the stump, an' I rolls up on the drum. That's the finish; next day the Silver Cornet Band by edict of the Sni-a-bar pop'lace is re-exiled to them woods.

Fust, that she could hold her own; and next that the day of wooden vessels in naval warfare was over. "As you boys know, warships now-a-days are all ironclad. Folks hey called 'em 'indestructible, but I guess thar ain't no sech word allowable any more. Between the new explosives and the airships -wal', they say we ain't heard the last word yet, by a long shot!"

The worldly-minded, indeed, were prone to the criticism that the material of Mrs. Weatherwax's garments was beyond cavil, but this surely was her own concern. It were sheer impertinence to finger the texture of a zealot's sackcloth. Shelby busied himself with his papers, pending her recovery. "Them stairs alluz give me sech a turn," she sighed, at length.

Sech a signal can be seed a long ways." Molly flushed to the eyes. "What do you mean?" "Nothin' at all, any more'n you do." Jackson rose and left her. The afternoon wore on, much occupied with duties connected with the sad scenes of the: tragedy. No word came of Woodhull, or of two others who could not be identified as among the victims at the death camp.

But Jack hez a wild lot with him, some of the Nollichucky Cave traders, and there's one young lad that looks like he was a gentleman once. I reckon Jack himself wouldn't like to get into a fight with him. He's a wild one. Great Goliah," he exclaimed, running to the door, "ef thar ain't a-goin' to be another fight! Never seed sech a day in Jonesboro."

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