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This time the cabman lost 'is temper, and, arter chasing the boy up the road, gave a young feller twopence to take 'is place and promised 'im another twopence when he came out. Sam tried to get a word with 'im as 'e passed, but he wouldn't listen, and it was pretty near 'arf an hour later afore they all came out, talking and laughing. "Now for the 'orsepittle," ses Ginger, opening the door.

It seemed to me like a sort o' home to the sailors that they'd make for arter their woyages was over. Once, I reklect, we had a evenin' service, an' as several ships had come in from furrin parts that mornin' we had the Swan chock-full o' noo hands; but bless you, though they was noo to us they warn't noo to each other. They had many of 'em met aboard the Swan years before.

I watched 'em up the road, and then I locked the gate and walked up and down the wharf thinking wot a funny thing money is, and 'ow it alters people's natures. And arter all, I thought that three arf-dollars earned honest was better than a reward for hiding another man's dog. I finished tidying up, and at nine o'clock I went into the office for a quiet smoke.

"Peter," returned the midshipman gravely, "you ought to know from experience that true love pierces every disguise." "Das troo, Geo'ge," said Peter, as he lifted his end of the basket and resumed the journey. "Lub is a wonderful t'ing, an' I ain't sure what might come ob it if I was took unawares to see my Angelica arter she'd bin painted white.

"Suppose we had left the boats?" "Mossifus! He tell four stout boys to git in de club-boat, and streak it down de riber like an alligator arter a possum. Yah! ha, ha!" roared Cyd, holding on to his sides. "Do you see why I have taken all the boats?" "Yes, Dandy Dan; I sees into it jes like a millstone. You'se got a long head, Dan. But what ye gwine to do wid de paint?"

But let's try one more shout." The little sailor protested, but Mark raised his voice as loudly as he could in a stentorian "Ahoy!" and as if the occupants of the forest had kept close upon their heels there came the same sneering laugh, and the hoarse croaking cry from among the trees. "There! see what you've done!" groaned Billy. "Who's to go to sleep anywhere near here if they're arter us?"

How could it be a werry bad 'un when you have the luck to be shipped aboard a craft with a angel aboard? A angel, that's what I says, and Neb Dumlow and Barney says the same. We all said it arter the mutiny had begun, and that if we didn't get the best of old Frenchy somehow we'd eat our heads.

Goodman, "but another week I must 'ave, so I must get the money somehow. Peter can't spend much, the way he goes on." Sam gave a little cough. "I'll get a pound or two out of 'im," ses Mr. Goodman. Sam coughed agin. "Won't he think it rather funny?" he ses, arter a bit. "Not if it's managed properly," ses Mr. Good-man, thinking 'ard. "I'll tell you 'ow we'll do it.

I know the way in and out of it, and I could have got into it and fetched you out, but yer war lucky 'nough not to need me." "How was it that ye were so long turning up arter we separated?" "Wal, Lone Wolf and his braves rode so fast that it was a good while afore I cotched up, and found that he hadn't the younker with him.

He 'ad been in the Army all 'is life, and, so far, he 'ad never seen anything that 'ad frightened 'im. I've seen him myself take on men twice 'is size just for the love of the thing, and, arter knocking them silly, stand 'em a pint out of 'is own pocket.