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Paul Vanderhoffen reeled, his face bewilderment. His hands clutched toward the sky, as if in anguish he grasped at some invisible support, and he coughed once or twice. It was rather horrible. Then Vanderhoffen shivered as though he were very cold, and tottered and collapsed in the parched roadway. A slinking man whose lips were gray and could not refrain from twitching came toward the limp heap.

He seated himself more comfortably and coughed, evidently preparing to tell a long story. "Well, my dear fellow, I was still living at home," he began. "We had a well-to-do homestead, plenty of land, we peasants lived well and our house was one to thank God for. When Father and we went out mowing there were seven of us. We lived well. We were real peasants. It so happened..."

Suddenly he choked, coughed to relieve himself, hawked, held his napkin up before him, and "Noblesse oblige," said March, with the tone of irony which he reserved for his wife's preoccupations with aristocracies of all sorts. "I think I prefer my Hair Professor, bourgeois, as he is."

Her smile asked him to be patient so he turned to his inquisitor patiently. "I 'aven't seen 'er since," he replied. Josef felt this line of investigation had gone far enough and determined to stop it at all hazards. He coughed. Sobieska turned to him inquiringly, an amused smile in his eyes.

Then, when for the third time I coughed to make our presence known to him, he turned his red face towards us, and cried out in great fury: "Here you are to answer for yourselves; and come what may, this at least shall be said: 'If mischief comes of it, I wash my hands in innocence!"

"It'll soon be over, Sam," ses Peter, kindly, "and all your troubles will be at an end. While me and Ginger are knocking about at sea trying to earn a crust o' bread to keep ourselves alive, you'll be quiet and at peace." Sam groaned. "I don't like being too quiet," he ses. "I was always one for a bit o' fun innercent fun." Peter coughed.

Waddy said: 'It is considered to give a monarchical effect, she coughed modestly after the long word, and pursued: 'as it should. I insisted upon going to the top floor, where I expected to find William the Conqueror, and found him; but that strong connecting link between John Thresher and me presented himself only to carry my recollections of the Dipwell of yesterday as far back into the past as the old Norman days.

Rand, unseen, watched the manoeuvres for a while, then coughed to let them know he was there, and presently sat down upon a root of cedar, and gave Deb his opinion of the flower people. Children and he were always at their ease together. "Hollyhocks make the finest ladies," he announced gravely. "Little Miss Randolph puts snapdragon caps upon them and gives them scarfs of ribbon grass."

"You're a principal about five times removed." "Well," said Edward Henry, "whatever I am, I have a sort of idea I'll go and see this Mr. Gristle or Wrissell. Can you " The man at the distant desk turned his head. Mr. Slosson coughed. The man rose. "This is Mr. Wrissel," said Mr. Slosson, with a gesture from which confusion was not absent. "Good morning," said the advancing Mr.

"Not very jolly," said the boy, with a writhe. "Hem!" coughed the doctor; "not very comfortable you mean!" "Yes, that's it," said Dexter. "Boots hurts my feet, and when the trousers ain't rubbin' the skin o' my legs, this here collar feels as if it would saw my head off." "Humph!" ejaculated the doctor stiffly. "You had better put on the old things again." "Eh? No, thankye," cried Dexter eagerly.