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"Well, don't I know good Wiltshires when I see them?" "Quite true," replied her uncle solemnly; "and therefore, men." "Uncle, you're very nearly rude." "I apologise," replied her uncle hastily. "But now, Bessie, my dear girl, seriously, as to this case, you must understand that I cannot interfere. The Bank hem the Bank is a great National " Miss Bessie saw that the Guards were being called upon.

"The poore dare plede and prove by reson To have allowance of his lord; by the law he it claimeth; * Thanne may beggaris as beestes after boote waiten That al hir lif han lyved in langour and in defaute But God sente hem som tyme som manere joye, Outher here or ellis where, kynde wolde it nevere." He utters the common feeling when he says that it were against nature.

And once again the devil within me laughed loud and harsh. But, while it still echoed, I had flung myself down at her feet. "Charmian," I cried, "forgive me you will, you must!" and, kneeling before her, I strove to catch her gown, and kiss its hem, but she drew it close about her, and, turning, fled from me through the shadows.

Her lithe body, so harmonious in its graven roundness, was clad in an apple-green bodice, and a black skirt with gussets of red about the hem; her smooth arms, from the elbows down, were bare. On one wrist was the jade bracelet he had given her. Her stockings were apple-green silk, and, despite the chill of the day, her feet were shod in enticingly low slippers with brass buckles.

Best of all, in late afternoon, the true colors came to the eye six-foot circles of smooth emerald, with up-turned hem of rich wine-color. Each had a tell-tale cable lying along the surface, a score of leaves radiating from one deep hidden root.

One of the San Franciscans, who had often touched money with his fingers and placed it on the table, when he gained any considerable sum, in order to divert the company, opened his broad sleeve, and with the hem he swept the table of all the stakes, amounting sometimes to more than twenty gold ounces, into his other sleeve; saying, at the same time, "Take care of it thou that canst, I have made a vow not to touch it."

And there ben also fyge trees, that baren no leves, but fyges upon the smale braunches; and men clepen hem figes of Pharoon. Also besyde Cayre, withouten that cytee, is the feld where bawme growethe: and it cometh out on smale trees, that ben non hyere than a mannes breek girdle: and thei semen as wode that is of the wylde vyne.

"Hem," said Dubhtach, "that is Fiacc, son of Ere, I am afraid the man of those qualities, who went from me to the territory of Connacht with poems for the kings." "What are you considering?" asked Fiacc. "Dubhtach for the crozier," said Patrick. "That will be a blemish to many, indeed," said Fiacc; "why should not I be taken in place of him?" "You will be received, indeed," said Patrick.

The dresses consisted of a sort of singlet without sleeves, a pair of short pants somewhat like those worn by football players, and an outer garment, cut somewhat like a shirt, but rather longer, the hem reaching to just below the knee. This garment, made quite loose, was confined at the waist by a belt. The costumes were completed by the addition of sandals and a kind of turban.

He could have kissed the hem of her trailing robe as it floated towards him, stirred by the motion of his passing for in the maiden's tale she had revealed herself to him: it was not of her grace and talent, nor of the poem that he thought but on the surety of her staunchness of soul of her consecration: he heard her voice again ringing in the words: "We are true men: be others untrue!"