Et terrorem statira intulit Petilius Cerialis, Brigantum civitatem, quae numerosissima provinciae totius perhibetur, aggressus. Multa proelia, et aliquando non incruenta magnamque Brigantum partem aut victoria amplexus est aut bello.

But concerning this we need not dilate, as it has often been duly remarked upon, and notably by Carlyle, in his "Lectures on Hero-Worship." Who that has once heard the wail of unutterable despair sounding in the line "Ahi, dura terra, perche non t' apristi?" can rest satisfied with the interpretation "Ah, obdurate earth, wherefore didst thou not open?" yet this rendering is literally exact.

To this, though a non sequitur, every one will cry Amen! Besides the prophets, there have been the almanack makers, Lilly, Poor Robin, Partridge, and Francis Moore, physician, in England, and Matthew Laensbergh, in France and Belgium.

He drew nearer, bent his knee, and kissed the hand which the Holy Father extended to him, saying, with sweet dignity: "Non mihi, sed Petro." Then Benedetto sat down. The Pope passed him a sheet of paper, and pushed the little lamp nearer to him. "Look," said he. "Do you know that writing?" Benedetto looked and shuddered, and could not check an exclamation of reverent sorrow. "Yes," he replied.

Patty burst into laughter, and so did the rest of them, though only Elise and Rosamond knew what the joke was about. "Non, Non!" exclaimed Patty, between her peals of laughter; "beans, beans! oh, wait a minute, I'll tell you, I'll tell you; stop, let me think!" After a moment's hard thought, she triumphantly exclaimed, "Feve!"

Nemo umquam mihi, Scipio, persuadebit aut patrem tuum Paulum, aut duos avos Paulum et Africanum, aut Africani patrem aut patruum, aut multos praestantis viros, quos enumerare non est necesse, tanta esse conatos quae ad posteritatis memoriam pertinerent, nisi animo cernerent posteritatem ad ipsos pertinere.

Fox was bold enough to convert some of Oliver Cromwell's soldiers, who thereupon quitted the service and refused to take the oaths. Oliver, having as great a contempt for a sect which would not allow its members to fight, as Sixtus Quintus had for another sect, Dove non si chiamava, began to persecute these new converts.

He defends himself thus in a letter to Lodovico Buonarroti: "Del caso dei Medici io non ò mai parlato contra di loro cosa nessuna, se non in quel modo che s' è parlato generalmente per ogn' uomo, come fu del caso di Prato; che se le pietre avessin saputo parlare, n' avrebbono parlato."

The motion on which the division took place was that the House do adhere to the amendments. There were forty contents and thirty-seven not contents. Proxies were called; and the numbers were found to be exactly even. In the House of Lords there is no casting vote. When the numbers are even, the non contents have it. The motion to adhere had therefore been negatived. But this was not enough.

Non cauponantes bellum sed belligerantes, or Quem nemo ferro potuit superare me auro, or Ille vir haud magna cum re sed plenu' fidei, or the great Moribus antiquis res stat Romana virisque