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His Coins. "Rex Persidis, longaevus ille Sapor, post imperatoris Juliani excessum et pudendse pacis icta foedera . . . irqectabat Armeniae manum." Amm. Marc, xxvii. 18. The successful issue of Sapor's war with Julian and Jovian resulted in no small degree from the attitude which was assumed by Armenia soon after Julian commenced his invasion.

The first is ascribed to youth and fire; but the latter is imputed to an affectation of singularity or superiority. At your age, one is allowed to 'outrer' fashion, dress, vivacity, gallantry, etc., but by no means to be behindhand in any one of them. And one may apply to youth in this case, 'Si non errasset, fecerat ille minus'. Adieu. BATH, October 19, 1753

"No; it was impossible to see any one, on account of the darkness; but he thought he had heard some one creeping along by the wall." Ille. "Let him come then, fetch a lantern, and summon all the grooms; he would give it to the knaves. Had he heard anything of her Highness recently?" Hic. "A maid told him that her Grace was better, and had retired to rest." Ille. "Thank God. Now they might go."

So she would, but first she must have her money. Ille. She should have no money till he had had his will of my daughter. Illa. He might at least pay her for her little pig which she herself had bewitched to death, in order that she might not get into evil repute. Ille. She might choose one when his pigs were driven by, and say she had paid for it.

After that he may return, but not till then. The youngster was as great a fool about women as he had ever come across in his life." "He was too harsh on the young man. Had she not sent away the girl at his command; and now he would let her own child die before her eyes, without hope or consolation?" Ille.

"For three days more; it had lasted three days already, and the castle was full of company, and great lords from all the country round, a great deal grander even than old Dewitz, were there." Ille. "Well, then, it would be quite impossible to go up to the castle and flog the churchwarden before all the company he could see that himself.

Ille. "Yes, he knew it well." Hic. "Then he could not wonder if he now demanded dues from every vessel that went up to Stargard." Ille. "On the contrary, he would wonder greatly; since by an Act passed in the reign of Duke Barnim the First, A.D. 1243, the freedom of the Jena had been secured to them, and they had enjoyed it up to the present date." Hic.

"Prudens futuri temporis exitum Caliginosa nocte premit Deus, Ridetque, si mortalis ultra Fas trepidat." "Ille potens sui Laetusque deget, cui licet in diem Dixisse vixi! cras vel atra Nube polum pater occupato, Vel sole puro." "Laetus in praesens animus; quod ultra est, Oderit curare."

But from fear of the torture he held his peace, as he since owned; and I will here relate what had befallen him that very morning. But before long the Sheriff came with old Lizzie, and after they had looked all round and seen no one, they went into an arbour close by him, and conversed as follows: Ille. Now that they were alone together, what did she want of him? Illa.

Let me add that so far as the great Goethe is concerned, it is by no Puritan yard-stick that I am measuring him, but by the German's own high standard which despises any mating of true sentiment with commercialism. "Beatus ille qui procul negotiis," certainly applies to one's affairs of the heart.