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Never would any one have suspected the old marechal, whose parsimony was almost proverbial, of making such a magnificent present. In honour of the tragedy of Alzire, I christened my little negro Zamor, to whom by degrees I became attached with all the tenderness of a mother. You ask me why?

The first battle of Hochstedt afforded a lesson which ought to have been studied on this occasion. There were many officers present, too, who had been at that battle; but they were not consulted.

The information thus collected by Brue about the history and migrations of these various people, is of the greatest value, affording clear light, even in the present day, to the geographer and the historian.

The United States Marine Corps First Military Branch Of The National Service To Be Sanctioned By Congress Leaving For The War Service Of The Marines in Various Parts of the Globe Details of Expansion of Corps Their Present Service All Over The World

Last June the estimates showed a threatened deficit for the current fiscal year of $94,000,000. Under my direction the departments began saving all they could out of their present appropriations. The last tax reduction brought an encouraging improvement in business, beginning early in October, which will also increase our revenue.

Hannaway Wells reflected, "whether the present generation is not inclined to be mawkish with regard to human life. History has shown us the marvellous benefits which have accrued to the greatest nations through the lessening of population by means of warfare." "History has also shown us," Doctor Lennard observed, "that the last resource of force is force.

'Its people' what a contrast to the name they might have borne, 'My people'! God disowns them, and says, 'They belong to it, not to Me. The idolatrous priests of the calf worship will tremble when that image, which had been shamefully their 'glory, is carried off to Assyria, and given as a present to 'king Jareb' a name for the king of Assyria meaning the fighting or quarrelsome king.

But oh! for what fate, I wonder, is God Almighty saving up that stinkcat. Well, I will go and tell Marie that you are back safe, for her father won't let her out of the hut so late; but nothing more unless you wish it." "No, Tante; I think nothing more, at any rate at present."

Guy sat intently marking every alteration in the worn, flushed, suffering face that rested helplessly on the pillows, and every unconscious movement of the wasted, nerveless limbs stretched out in pain and helplessness, contrasting his present state with what he was when last they parted, in the full pride of health, vigour, and intellect.

When the emotions are unrestrained and undirected by knowledge and intelligence, they violently attach themselves to anything that chances to excite them. Their stark immediacy vitiates man's judgment. He is unable, while under their sway, to select and follow the course that is best, because his mind is engulfed in the evanescent present.