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Abe smiled with such forced amiability that his mustache was completely engulfed between his nose and his lower lip. "I ain't buying no cloaks, Mr. Sheitlis," he said. "I'm selling 'em." "Not a stock from cloaks, Mr. Potash," Mr. Sheitlis explained; "but a stock from gold and silver." "I ain't in the jewelry business, neither," Abe said. "That ain't the stock what I mean," Mr. Sheitlis cried.

The great, virtuous calm engulfed her, slate sides, yellow funnel, and all, but cast up in another hemisphere the steam whaler Haliotis, black and rusty, with a manure-coloured funnel, a litter of dingy white boats, and an enormous stove, or furnace, for boiling blubber on her forward well-deck.

Tillie, the scrubwoman, had worked her wet way out of the passage and into the kitchen proper. She and her pail blocked their way. She was sopping up a soapy pool with an all-encompassing gray scrub-rag. Heiny and Gussie stopped a moment perforce to watch her. It was rather fascinating to see how that artful scrub-rag craftily closed in upon the soapy pool until it engulfed it.

But he could not resist it. Some horrible fascination compelled him. All behind had changed. A hot wind, like a blast from a furnace, blew light, stinging particles into his face. The fire was racing in the tree-tops, while below all was yet clear. A lashing, leaping flame engulfed the canopy of pines. It was white, seething, inconceivably swift, with a thousand flashing tongues.

Then came a grinding noise, followed by two others, and I was hurled into the deep. Great waves engulfed me, but I was not drawn toward the ship, so that I believe there was little suction. I swam about for more than one hour before I was picked up by a boat."

We often went down almost perpendicularly, and the height seemed every moment increasing; and every time we went thus plunging headlong into the boiling waters, I thought we should be engulfed never to rise; nevertheless, the next minute, up we ascended on the crest of some more fearful wave than any we had hitherto encountered, and down again we plunged in the dark unfathomable abyss that, walled in by foaming mountains of water, appeared yawning to close over us for ever.

"Perhaps we may learn to-morrow." "And to-morrow may be too late," replied Benton. "Hardly, Señor. The marriage and coronation are the day following. It should be one of those occasions." Benton only shuddered. They swung into the Ruo Centrale, between lining sycamores, olive trees and acacias, to be engulfed in a jostling press of feast-day humanity. Suddenly Benton felt his coat-sleeve tugged.

They never came back. In crossing the moor to their favourite snipe-shooting ground they were all three engulfed in a treacherous piece of bog. It had been that dreadful wet summer, you know, and places that were safe in other years gave way suddenly without warning. Their bodies were never recovered. That was the dreadful part of it."

The Israelites quitted Egypt carrying away with them the gold and silver of their oppressors. They then entered the desert. The magic art of Moses enabled them to pass dry-footed through the Red Sea, whereas the Pharaoh who was pursuing them was engulfed with his whole army. Again the Chosen People are liberated by means of the death of multitudes of Egyptians.

At times I could hear the angry water under the ice striking against boulders, and this became quite common. At last I shouted to Mikel, "Let us travel on the land, for surely if we do not we shall fall through the ice and be engulfed." "We cannot," he shouted back, "the snow is too soft. Our reindeer could not pull our sleighs.