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Groener walked to the chair and then drew back. "What are you going to do to me?" he asked. "We are going to show you some magic lantern pictures," answered the doctor. "Why must I sit in this chair? Why do you want my arm in that leather thing?" "I told you, Groener," put in the judge, "that we were coming here for the visual test; it's part of your examination.

It was plain to Jack that Frank, as well as all the sailors and officers, was thinking along similar lines. The expressi6n on all faces was plain proof of it. Suddenly the sailors sprang forward, forgetting in an instant heat, bad air and discomfort. Following the gaze of the sailors, the lads turned their eyes to the signboard. There, as if by magic, had sprung up the word: "Attention!"

It is the mists that make the magic of the backgrounds; yet even without them there is a strange, wild, dark beauty in Japanese landscapes, a beauty not easily defined in words.

Now, if you remember the first part of this story, you will recall that Zidoc quarreled with the old enchanter over the right spell for destroying castles. A triumphant smile shone on the lips of the old teacher; he stretched forth his hand toward the castle and uttered a magic word.

Mixed up in this secret was a buckskin bag that Gunnar had brought with him from the ship. When Odin had inquired about it, Gunnar had replied: "Magic. A very old magic." That too was not like Gunnar. He relied upon his sword, since the Norse gods were usually busy with their own affairs.

It always had the character of Magic about it, by which the game or quarry might presumably be influenced; and it can easily be understood that if the Hunt was not successful the blame might well be attributed to some neglect of the usual ritual mimes or movements no laughing matter for the leader of the dance.

She looked up into his face with innocent, joyous gratitude; feeling at once, and as by magic, that her awe of him was gone. Darrell and Sophy rambled thus together for more than an hour. He sought to draw out her mind, unaware to herself; he succeeded.

He was certainly pleased with this good attendance, but still at last he was so afraid that he went to a wise woman and asked for her advice. The wise woman said: 'There is some enchantment behind it, listen very early some morning if anything is moving in the room, and if you see anything, no matter what it is, throw a white cloth over it, and then the magic will be stopped.

And there were certain phrases in Kubla Khan that had such a magic that he would sometimes wake up, as it were, to the consciousness that he had been lying on the bed or sitting in the chair by the bureau, repeating a single line over and over again for two or three hours.

Among the Chaldeans the most famous name is that of Zoroaster, who is held to have been the author of their religion, their civil policy, their sciences, and their magic. He taught the doctrine of two great principles, the one the author of good, the other of evil.