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From a neighbouring mill slabs were procured, which, being cut the right length and laid on logs, were made to do for beds, and others served to make an equally rough table. Sections of logs were utilised for chairs, and the squire built a crude fireplace a few feet from the doorway. At best, however, the discomfort was really very great.

Clifford asked, with a vague maternal sense of discomfort and doubt. "A dog or a monkey?" "Oh, Sardanapalus, mother didn't I tell you about him? "Elma cried enthusiastically. "Why, he's just lovely and beautiful. He's such a glorious green and yellow-banded snake; and he coiled around my arm as if he'd always known me." Mrs.

The sun by this time was straight overhead, but my umbrella saved me from absolute discomfort, while birds furnished here and there an agreeable diversion. I recall in particular some white-crowned sparrows, the first ones I had seen in Florida.

Apart from the discomfort, however, I was not much disturbed. I have never been an easy victim to chills, and three years in Princetown had done nothing to soften a naturally tough constitution. Still there was no sense in getting more soaked than was necessary, so I began to hunt around for some sort of temporary shelter.

He made up his mind that this discomfort of his soul, unreasonably considerable though it was, must be due solely to Julian's abrupt demeanour and obvious desire to check his curiosity about the drawing of the curtain. But, as the moments ran by, his sense of uneasiness assumed such fantastic proportions that he began to cast about for some more definite, more concrete, cause.

Alf hurried to engage her attention, to distract her from thoughts that had in them such discomfort as she so quickly showed. "Like the play? I didn't quite follow what it was this old general had done to him. Did you?" "Hadn't he kept him from marrying ..." Emmy looked conscious for a moment. "Marrying the right girl? I didn't understand it either. It's only a play." "Of course," Alf agreed.

She might accept him, and then well, if she did not like the idea, she could throw him over. It would only cost her a violent scene, and a few moments of discomfort. Meanwhile she would get the papers. "But you would give me the papers, would you not, and leave me to decide whether Really, Del Ferice," she said, interrupting herself with a nervous laugh, "this is very absurd."

Most people's stomachs are strong enough to deal with small amounts of rancid butter without discomfort; but it is a strain on them that ought to be avoided, especially when good butter is simply a matter of strict cleanliness and care in handling and churning the cream, and of keeping the butter cool after it has been made.

Instantly Fanny was smothered up as he sat down, placing so many packages between himself and the outer side of the car that he sank heavily against her arm, and the fur of his coat blew into her mouth. In discomfort she drove them from the town, brooding over her wheel, unhappily on and on till Metz had sunk over the edge of the flat horizon.

Adventure and danger, which make discomfort tolerable to such men as they, were altogether wanting; in their place was nothing but a dull, dead level of endurance, an expenditure of time and strength to no apparent end. But by the middle of December the site of winter quarters was gained, and then the log huts began to take form. The men needed this consolation.