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They had been bathing after their day's work, and one of them, a black, was still in the water, when he was seized by a shark, and so fearfully injured that he died before he could be got on board. The weary voyage recommenced, and, as before, their chief diversion was fishing.

The powerful diversion made by the Duke of Weimar, and the Landgrave of Hesse, upon the Rhine and in Westphalia, prevented the Emperor from affording the necessary assistance to Saxony, and left the whole Electorate exposed to the destructive ravages of Banner's army.

Kenny at the telephone called the Players' Club and with his lips set for battle, asked for John Whitaker, whose methodical habits of diversion for once in his life he blessed. When Whitaker's voice came, brief and somewhat bored, he forgot to say: "Hello." "Whitaker," he demanded, "where's Brian? You must know by now." "Kenny! Is that you?" "Yes." "Where on earth have you been?" "Away.

"Well, maybe it's all right," said Neil doubtfully, "but it looks like a mix-up. Who gets the ball in this play here?" "Right half. Left half plunges through between left-guard and center to make a diversion. Full-back goes through between left tackle and end ahead of right half, who carries the ball. Quarter follows. Of course the play can be made around end instead. What do you think of it?"

I made much of all the pleasures of the city; I spoke of the balls, the theatres, of the many opportunities for diversion on every hand. In short, since we were happy I did not see why we should make a change; and I did not think of going away at present. I was expecting her to insist that we carry out our plan of going to Geneva, and was not disappointed.

"It is no matter if you did laugh, Nora," said Daisy; "you got grave again, and the picture was very nice." "I didn't laugh!" said Nora; "and if I did, everybody else did. I don't think the pictures I saw were at all like pictures they were just like a parcel of people dressed-up." Some gay paper mottoes made a diversion and stopped the little mouths for a time; and then the people went away.

However, at dessert there came a diversion, for Gagniere all at once remarked to Jory: 'By the way, I saw you with Mathilde the day before yesterday. Yes, yes, in the Rue Dauphine. Jory, who had turned very red, tried to deny it; 'Oh, a mere accidental meeting honour bright! he stammered. 'I don't know where she hangs out, or I would tell you.

They lack interior life. This defect is particularly visible in Napoleon, who never lived within himself. From this is derived the frivolity of temperament which made him support easily the enormous load of his evils and of his faults. His mind was born anew every day. He had, more than any other person, a capacity for diversion.

A party of about seventy blacks were upon the right bank of the newly discovered river, and I thought that by landing among them, we should make a diversion in favour of our late guest; and in this I succeeded. If even they had still meditated violence, they would have to swim a good broad junction, and that, probably, would cool them, or we at least should have the advantage of position.

But it seemed these beer busts were a diversion of these high-spirited young fellows whereby they whiled away the tedium of existence by making fools of their betters. As I learned afterward, they had got their previous guest of honour, a brilliant young radical, unskilled in drinking, quite pipped. When I found myself with them, and the situation dawned on me, up rose my queer man-pride.