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She confided most of her schemes to him, sometimes unconsciously, and grew to depend more than she knew upon his common sense and experience; for, though openly cynical of her works, he would give her what she often realized to be the best of practical advice, and his amusing generalities, though to her mind insults to humanity, had been so bitterly proved true that she looked fearfully to see his lightest adverse prophecy fulfilled.

"The Congo is a pretty big stream, isn't it?" questioned Sam. "Very large indeed. At its mouth it is about ten miles wide, and it is from twelve to fourteen hundred miles long. Stanley traced its course after an expedition in which he fought over thirty battles with the natives." "They must be fearfully savage." "Those in the interior are.

I don't know how I managed to raise my gun, I did it quite dreaming like; it went off with the biggest noise ever a gun made, and the bullet must have gone through the very head of the ghost, for it waved its thin arms fearfully. All the rest ran away, but I could not move a peg. Then a terrible voice roared out, 'I shall not forget thee, my friend! I will visit thee again before thy last hour!

'Nicer than eau rougie; I'm afraid she's eau rougie. 'Eau rougie may be nice, too, if one is tired and thirsty and needs mild refreshment, not altogether tasteless, and not at all intoxicating. She was certainly that to me. I was very much touched by her kindness. 'I shall be touched if she'll take Merriston. I'm fearfully hard up.

In the midst of the assemblage one figure towers the Arch Druid. Every eye is fixed fearfully on him, for on whomsoever his own eye may fall with wrath, he may be doomed to become one of the victims annually sacrificed to the oak. A gold chain is around his neck; gold bands are around his arms. He is clad in robes of spotless white.

The ship pitched fearfully into them, and every moment I expected to see the cable part. Should such be the case, I was very sure that not many minutes afterwards all on board would be struggling for their lives. I thought of my brother and the lieutenant, and of the unhappy captain. I intended, should the cable part, immediately to rush below and set them all at liberty.

I also wanted to dance, and to move like that, and I unconsciously quivered perhaps. I was cold as ice, and fearfully excited. The back of Lord Robert's beautifully set head impeded my view at times. How exquisitely groomed he is! And one could see at a glance his mother had not been a housemaid! I never have seen anything look so well bred as he does.

I asked, springing up; "what has happened?" and I put out my hand to take the look at the sleeper in there that he had done. He stayed my hand, waved it back, folded his arms, as if nothing unusual had occurred, and questioned me. "What has she talked about to-night?" "She has said very little." "Tell me something that she has said, immediately"; and he looked fearfully agitated.

Rich people no longer bought the flowers to keep them in their gardens, but to sell them again at cent. per cent. profit. It was seen that somebody must lose fearfully in the end. As this conviction spread, prices fell, and never rose again. Confidence was destroyed, and a universal panic seized upon the dealers.

I had been watching over you in your slumbers: you smiled and half pronounced the name of mother; and at last I kissed your unconscious lips, and I knelt and prayed prayed for God's blessing on you, my child, and upon him too little thinking, at the time, that he was so horribly, so fearfully CURSED." The widow paused for breath, and then resumed. Philip could not speak.

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