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"Yes, sir, fast enough. I think, if the fog were to clear away, they would haul down their colors." "Not till the last, depend upon it," replied Captain Lumley. "Fire away there, on the main-deck, give them no time to take breath. Mr. Campbell, tell the second lieutenant to let the foremost lower deck guns be pointed more aft.

"Long gun amidships and a couple of small brass guns forward," continued the lieutenant, who seemed to miss nothing. "Very roomy hold below, I should say." "Yes, sir. Built for a Mediterranean orange boat." "And no cargo, I think you said." "No, sir; only scientific traps, as Dr Robson here calls them." "Yes," said the doctor, interposing.

The necklace was the thing sought, of course." "Did they take anything from the room?" asked Ned, and Lieutenant Gordon leaned forward, anxiously awaiting the answer. "Not a thing," was the quiet reply. "At least, I have missed nothing." "Perhaps the thing they sought was not found," suggested Gordon, no longer able to keep the plot subject out of the conversation.

The proceedings of the Champion and the enemy were therefore watched with intense anxiety. "There goes her main-topmast," cried Owen, almost with a groan. "I ought to be on board," said Lieutenant Foley. "I must ask for one of your boats, Captain Massey."

You may suppose that the anchor had hardly kissed the mud before I went to the first lieutenant and asked leave to go on shore. Now the first lieutenant was not in the sweetest of tempers, seeing as how the captain had been hauling him over the coals for not carrying on the duty according to his satisfaction.

You are right, Nicolas, it is well to be on the winning side." "And I am glad you see it that way," declared Nicolas, extending a hand, which Ivan grasped, much to his distaste. "I have long wanted a trusted lieutenant, and you shall be he." "Thanks, Nicolas," returned Ivan. "I had not expected that. Had you told me before it might have influenced me sooner.

In one of the excursions of that active officer to disperse the militia who assembled to oppose the progress of Patterson through the country, his cavalry encountered Lieutenant Colonel Washington, who commanded the remnant of Baylor's regiment, and were driven back with some loss; but the want of infantry disabled Washington from pressing his advantage.

At that time Lieut. Harding turned to Capt. Mills and said: "If the boy scout will go with me I will make the upper attack, as he has been over the country and knows the lay of the ground." Of course I consented, and we marched to the mouth of the ravine just mentioned. I pointed out the hill referred to, and the Lieutenant placed a man on top of it, and we proceeded.

Our young friend still wore the naval uniform, although in coming on the brig he had changed it for some rough sailor's clothes. But Lucilla had besought him to be again a brave lieutenant. They sailed and they sailed, and there was but little wind, and that from the south and against them. But Lucilla did not complain at their slow progress.

They were soon joined by Lieutenant Colonel Green, and Majors Bigelow and Meigs, with several fragments of companies, so as to constitute altogether about two hundred men.