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"You won't leave the young un, will you?" says he, as they haul poor little Arthur, already losing wind from the fright, through the next hedge. "Not we," is the answer from both. The next hedge is a stiff one; the pursuers gain horribly on them, and they only just pull Arthur through, with two great rents in his trousers, as the foremost shepherd comes up on the other side.

Tom Masters was drowned off Beveridge Reef years ago, and Harry Laurance married his widow; and Tom Patterson is another man, who has a native wife, and He wrung Laurance's hand, sprang up the companion-way and called to his boat's crew, 'Haul the boat alongside, boys. I'm going to Pito-fanua again; and you beggars will have to pull like hell.... Good-bye, Harry, old fellow.

At last we found ourselves among these islands, and were compelled occasionally to haul to the wind to clear them. This made her leak more and more, until at last she became water logged, and we were forced to abandon her in haste during the night, having no time to take anything with us; we left three men on board, who were down below.

Some one shouted to haul on the line and pull him on board, and several seamen sprang to do so, but the captain checked them, for through his glass he could see Edgar struggling to free himself from the wreck. In a few minutes he succeeded, and the next wave hurled him on the rocky shore, to which he clung until the retreating water had lost its power.

Now, then, at the end of the year you could not expect to haul that weight up again. You would have a trigger arrangement which would detach it from the rope when it got to the bottom.

'What then? I asked, helping him to haul the great stone up, hand over hand, until it came dripping over the side. 'They were not firing at us, lad. They were aiming at some one in the water between us and them. Pull, Micah! Put your back into it! Some poor fellow may he drowning. 'Why, I declare! said I, looking over my shoulder as I rowed, 'there is his head upon the crest of a wave.

'Well, how did you come? Emigrant vessel? Adopting the laconic also, Robert nodded, and said it was their first day in Quebec. 'Get quit of her as soon as you can; haul your traps ashore, and come along with me. I'll be going up the Ottawa in a day or two, home; and 'twill be only a step out of your way westward.

"Those boxes must contain stuff of some value. Rover, we have made a haul by coming here." "Yes, but I am forgetting all about my brothers," added Dick hastily. "Let us leave this alone for the present. I guess it is safe enough." "No doubt, since it has rested undisturbed so many years." They left the storeroom, as it may properly be termed, and returned to the circular chamber.

In two weeks time he had worked a marvelous change in Jinny. One who had seen her on the day the boy brought her home, would scarcely have recognized in her the old, wind-broken skeleton that she had appeared two weeks previously. By this time, Tad was beginning to use her to haul up wood which he had gathered in a patch of forest below the village.

"Brace round the foreyard round with it; set the jib that's it fore-top-mast staysail haul never mind if the gale takes it out of the bolt-rope" a thundering flap, and away it flew in truth down to leeward, like a puff of white smoke. "Never mind, men, the jib stands. Belay all that down with the helm, now don't you see she has stern way yet?

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