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He wanders out aimlessly. While Barney McFadden, the barkeeper, surveys Colonel Joseph swallowing his extra cocktail, he admires himself in the mirror. He dusts off his diamond pin with a silk handkerchief. "Jaggers! Oh, yes; know him well. In back room playing pedro. Want him?" Woods bows. The laconic Ganymede drags Jaggers away from his ten-cent game.

She sent the girls away to put on the other set the afternoon frocks, and once more the director's approbation, though laconic, was one hundred per cent. pure. "That's all," he said in sudden dismissal of the sextette. "Rehearsal at eight-thirty."

The girl bride, with a tranquil heart, awaited the return of Ferris for the Japanese voyage which was to be a married lovers' wandering in fairyland. She had taken the dross of Ferris' heart for minted gold, led on by a father's lure. Clayton's words were laconic, but his faith went with them. To the millionaire he telegraphed: "Will start for Cheyenne Monday. Must go to Bay Ridge to see Edson.

"It's wuth three o' the one they shot," was Washburn's laconic observation. He looked the animal over admiringly and slapped him so vigorously under the belly that the horse grunted and humped his back. Cartwright, like nearly every other Georgian village, had its lawyer.

His gaze was fixed, tense. Suddenly he seemed to gather all his muscles together as for a spring. But he only threw his cigarette into the gutter, yawned elaborately, and moved away. "S'long," he said; and lounged off. The others looked after him a moment, puzzled, speculative. Buzz was not usually so laconic. But evidently he was leaving with no further speech.

If we working girls don't stand up and help one another, I'd like to know who's going to do it for us.... So long!" "So long!" It was not the first time that I had heard a working girl deliver herself of that laconic form of adieu, and heretofore I had always execrated it as hopelessly vulgar and silly, which no doubt it was and is.

"What will you give me if I undertake to clean the elders out of this field for you, Mr. Fillmore?" asked Ellis quietly. Old Thomas looked at him with a surprised face, which gradually reverted to its original shrewdness when he saw that Ellis was in earnest. "You must be hard up for a job," he said. "I am," was Ellis's laconic answer. "Well, lemme see." Old Thomas calculated carefully.

And it seems to have worked out marvelously.... A baby boy three months old," she concluded in her laconic style. Then, ashamed; "I don't know why I'm gossiping like this!" "Because you can't find another blessed scrap of work to do, you little efficiency fiend," Dundee laughed, "Come on! Gossip some more.

Johnson supposed of Ossian, that anybody could write a great amount of such stuff if he would only consent to abandon his mind to the task. The satire upon this gallant soldier's veracity appears to be quite undeserved, though one can hardly read portions of his adventures without being forcibly reminded of the Baron's laconic style.

The note was from Joe, and laconic: "They phoned me this evening your Aunt Susie had had another stroke. They said you had better come." That was all it said. There was no expression of regret. There was no offer of help. She had a sudden rush of anxiety. But behind the anxious feeling was one of wonder and a tiny one of hurt.