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Johnstone, 'That unless they should support them to avenge that injury, that they should never from that day concur with them in any action. They, easilie inflambed, gave the alarm, and so was that abbey and palace appointed to the saccage; in doing whereof they took no long deliberation, but committed the whole to the merriment of fire; whereat no small number of us was so offended, that patientlie we could not speak to any that were of Dundee or Saint Johnstone."

"I, John Silas Huntly, of Dundee, Scotland, commander of the ship 'Chancellor, of about 900 tons burden, now at Charleston, do purpose, by the blessing of God, at the earliest convenient season, and by the direct route, to sail for the port of Liverpool, where I shall obtain my discharge. I do hereby acknowledge that I have received from you, Messrs.

With his candle held high, so that its light should not blind him, and well aware that it made him a perfect target, Dundee opened the unpainted door and found himself in the dark, musty-smelling room that had served Nita Selim and the Crains before her as a storeroom.

I simply couldn't let you walk in on us, after I'd permitted you to eavesdrop while he was talking, without first saying the one thing that would convince him that I believed in his innocence and hadn't set a trap for him." "I see!" Dundee acknowledged soberly, but his blue eyes shone with sudden joy. "Oh! There's long distance! Just a minute, darling!... Hello!

As Lydia's work-roughened, knuckly hands were returning the funeral clothes to the suitcase, another question occurred to Dundee: "Lydia, did you know, before I questioned you at the Miles home yesterday, that Sprague had returned for that bag he had left in the bedroom upstairs?" Her scarred cheek flushed livid, but the maid answered with defiant honesty: "Yes, I did!

If the Camerons, the Macdonalds, and the Macleans could be convinced that, under the new government, their estates and their dignities would be safe, if Mac Callum More would make some concessions, if their Majesties would take on themselves the payment of some arrears of rent, Dundee might call the clans to arms; but he would call to little purpose.

And then she runs over and slips her arm under Uncle Cal's neck and hugs him tight. "'Why, last night, dad, we heard her say, 'I played it ever so much. Honest I have been playing it. And it's such a splendid instrument, you don't know how I love it. Last night I played "Bonnie Dundee" and the "Anvil Polka" and the "Blue Danube" and lots of pieces.

A velvet evening wrap fell down over my head, and I was nearly smothering, but I was afraid to try to dislodge it for fear a hanger would fall to the floor and make an awful clatter. And then and then " She shuddered, and clung to her husband. "What caused you to faint, Mrs. Miles?" "Sir, my wife has heart trouble " "What did you hear, Mrs. Miles?" Dundee persisted.

The death of Stonewall Jackson, one of the incidents of the April advance, was a severe loss to the enemy, and promises to be as fatal to their cause as was that of Dundee to the hopes of the House of Stuart. General Lee's success was really fatal to him.

And Dundee, wondering, beginning to doubt his own conviction a little that conviction which had sprung full-grown out of Nita's strange, informal will, and which had seemed to explain everything followed Lydia Carr from her basement room to the bedroom in which Nita had been murdered.... "See this!" and Lydia Carr snatched up the powder box from the dressing-table.

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