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Alas! we who knew how to avenge our comrade, ought to have thought that this woman would know how to avenge her husband, and have been on our guard. It is true that one of us kept watch every night, and that at first we tied her by a long rope to the great oak bench that was fastened to the wall.

He therefore rushed up and down the battlefield; and when at last he came face to face with his foe, they closed in deadly fight. The two young men, each the champion warrior of his army, were now fighting with the courage of despair; for, while Achilles was thirsting to avenge his friend, Hector knew that the fate of Troy depended mostly upon his arm. The struggle was terrible.

"Remark the shepherd, M. le Vicomte," he said; "he sees the wolves prowling, and trembles for his lambs." "One wolf, at least, is toothless," answered Châteaumesnil. "What have we to do with lambs, except en suprême? But the sun is down; I must go home, or these cursed pains will avenge themselves. Till this evening."

"Yet their religion was milder than the one it superseded. Jupiter required no human sacrifices; and even otherwise, God has said that the wicked man is often His sword to avenge Him of His adversaries." "Oswy looks as if he had a tale to tell." "Speak out, Oswy, and let us all hear," said the good father.

"Rosario's sworn duty is to avenge her son's death. That is how she looks at it. The rest of us swore the oath with her." "But Lieutenant O'Connor had the law back of him. This is murder!" "Not at all. It is the law of the valley a life for a life." "But Oh, no no no!" "Yes." The finality of it appalled her. She felt as if she were butting her head against a stone wall.

The offence of that other against himself might be of the most foul and hideous, a piece of treachery that only treachery could adequately avenge; yet this consideration was not enough to appease the clamours of Sir Terence's self-respect. In the end, however, the primary desire for vengeance and vengeance of the bitterest kind proved master of his mind.

"Malthus was a friend of humanity, but, with ill-founded moral principles, the friend of humanity is the devourer of humanity, without mentioning his pride; for, touch the vanity of one of these numberless philanthropists, and to avenge his self-esteem, he will be ready at once to set fire to the whole globe; and to tell the truth, we are all more or less like that.

One day, when his father sat brooding over his lost children, Almās came before him and said: 'O father mine! the daughter of King Quimūs has done my two brothers to death; I wish to avenge them upon her. These words brought his father to tears. 'O light of your father! he cried, 'I have no one left but you, and now you ask me to let you go to your death.

But I begin to learn upon many sides that this great duty lieth on my youth and ignorance, to avenge my father. Prithee, then, good Carter, set aside the memory of my threatenings, and in pure goodwill and honest penitence give me a word of help." The wounded man lay silent; nor, say what Dick pleased, could he extract another word from him.

He had forgiven the wrongs against himself, since he outwitted them; but he was fain to avenge his faithful favourite. Now Sir Morgadour was steward to the German Emperor Regnier. So Sir Guy showed Ernis that if he remained longer at his court, Regnier would surely make war on Greece to avenge his steward's death.