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"Very well, Monsieur." The vicomte went to the door of the private assembly and knocked boldly. Victor answered the summons. "D'Halluys?" cried Victor, stepping back. "Yes, Monsieur. Pardon the intrusion, but I have something to say to Monsieur le Chevalier."

He is the Vicomte Felix de Vandenesse, one of the King's private secretaries. The King is fond enough of young men of talent, and Vandenesse came from the provinces with baggage nearly as light as yours. You are a thousand times cleverer than he; but do you belong to a great family, have you a name?

Surely, one can hardly understand how a man can refuse a girl who is rich for one who is poverty itself a girl who loves him for one who deceives and betrays him." "Do you think that Mary seriously wishes to please the vicomte, sire?" "I do, indeed." "Very good! the vicomte will settle down in England, for Mary has a clear head, and when she fixes her mind upon anything, she does so thoroughly."

"Not a word to the Vicomte as yet. We will surprise him," said Eugenie, laughing. Madame de Merville had been all that morning trying to invent some story to account for her interest in the lodger, and now how Fortune favoured her! "But is that a letter for me?" "And I had almost forgot it," said Madame Dufour, as she extended the letter.

Herewith the German bowed, not uncivilly, on the contrary, somewhat ceremoniously, and disappeared with a Prussian Secretary of Embassy, whose arm he linked in his own, into a room less frequented. "Vicomte, who and what is your German count?" asked Vane. "A solemn pedant," answered the lively Vicomte, "a German count, que voulez-vous de plus?"

The vicomte rose, but the baron preferred to bask in the sun on the beach. "Go on, my children, you will find me here in an hour." They walked straight ahead of them, passing by several cottages and finally by a small chateau resembling a large farm, and found themselves in an open valley that extended for some distance. They now had a wild longing to run at large in the fields.

My word for it, it has been a fine comedy, this bonhomie of mine, this hail-fellow well met. And only to-night he saw the pit at his feet. If that fool of a corporal had not been drunk." "Wretch!" cried the priest, trembling as if seized with convulsion. Duped! The vicomte opened the door, and bowed with his hand upon his heart.

Jean Pauquet and the vicomte were in the act of following, when D'Hérouville, disheveled and breathing heavily from his run down from the upper town, arrested them. "Vicomte," he cried, "you must take me with you. I can find no one to go with me." "Stay here then. Out of the way, Monsieur." The vicomte was not patient to-night, and he had not time for banter. "I say that you shall!"

As a proof of his versatility, if not of his good faith, he talked of neutral matters on the way back to the house, with the charming ease and lightness that was the gift of his race and class. On the borders of the wood they encountered the Robert Holts, walking with their children. "Madame," said the Vicomte to Gwendolen, "your Silverdale is enchanting.

Elegant as Isobel Baring might be in her studied poses, Elsie need fear no comparison as she examined the contents of the bookcase with eager attention. "Why the Vicomte de Bragelonne only, and not the Three Musketeers?" she mused aloud. "And if the Life of Goethe, why not his poems, his essays, Werther? Ah, I know 'the crowning offence of Werther. A Stevenson library! What a charming idea!