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'I know you won't approve of it, but I have decided that I shall go, and you must look at the advantages and make the best of it if you want to help me. 'You shall never go with my consent, said Agatha, roused from her usual placidity. 'Then, said Elfie, laughing, 'I shall go without it, or rather, I shall never rest till I have coaxed a consent out of you.

The Porsslanese are not a laughing people. They had never been known to laugh before except in the most feeble manner. The events of the past year had not been especially humorous, and the coming of the great war-lord was far from being a laughing matter. Yet with the perversity of heathen they had selected this impressive occasion for showing their incurable barbarism and bad taste.

Little John could not forbear laughing heartily at the scene, though he knew that 'twould be anything but a laughing matter if Will should stumble. And in truth one man was like to come upon him. It was William-a-Trent, the best runner among the Sheriff's men.

Miss Sukey Jennett said, that Rozella's laughing at her, and using her with contempt, she thought was insupportable, for who could bear the contempt of a friend? Many and various were the remarks made by Miss Jenny's hearers on the story she had read to them.

Madame Beattie's neatly shod and very small feet went up on a chair, and she tipped the one she was sitting in at a dangerous angle while she exhaled luxuriously, and so Lydia, coming round the corner in a simple curiosity to know who was there, found them, laughing uproariously and dim with smoke. Lydia had her opinions about smoking.

But I can't, you know, unless Uncle Henry and Aunt Em could live here too." "Of course not," exclaimed the Ruler of Oz, laughing gaily. "So, in order to get you, little friend, we must invite your Uncle and Aunt to live in Oz, also." "Oh, will you, Ozma?" cried Dorothy, clasping her chubby little hands eagerly.

In accounts of the battle I had seen some notice of my leading a charge but my fame had gone farther much farther indeed than I knew. I stood a moment laughing an odd sort of laugh it was that had in it the salt of tears and waving my hand to the many who were now calling my name. In the uproar of cheers and waving of handkerchiefs I could not find Uncle Eb for a moment.

The other, who boasted a very large hooked nose, like a parrot's beak, which reduced the rest of his face to insignificance, was Yuhanna Mahbûb, a famous bully. "Now we have thee!" cried Elias, laughing loudly. "By Allah, it is rude in thee to shun thy friends." "Is it true that the Emîr gives thee an English pound every day?" inquired Yuhanna.

"Be kind enough to call the landlord, and tell him in my presence that the carriage belongs to me." I had the landlord upstairs and did as the rascal had asked me, but mine host told him that he could dispose of it after he had paid for it, and with that he turned his back on him and left the room. "I am certain of having the chaise," said the officer, laughing. He then embraced me, and went away.

Brimming with enthusiasm, they lifted every one of them shoulder high, laughing and cheering, and conveyed them to an extemporized platform made from a large box. From this elevation, each flyer in his turn was called upon for a speech. The boys made these quite brief, but were vociferously applauded; and then the two famous publishers were asked to contribute.