Ordering his boat, he sped away into Bluff harbour, only a matter of six or seven miles, returning soon with a tug, who for a pound or two placed us, without further trouble, alongside the wharf, amongst some magnificent clipper ships of Messrs.

It will be some time before I realise that I am not a penniless young baronet, and that I can spend a pound without looking at it a dozen times. I shall have to get accustomed to the thought before I can make any plans.

"'Able to pay fifty shillings in a pound, said I, not willing to encourage the outcry. "'I'm delighted to hear it, says generous little Solomon; 'but all I have to say is, that if it had been otherwise, or should it actually be otherwise, so far as a few hundred pounds go, you may draw upon a man a sinner a frail mortal and an unworthy named Solomon M'Slime.

His borrowers are no doubt those divers of worship mentioned by Chettle Falstaff who reported his uprightness of dealing. He sued a fellowplayer for the price of a few bags of malt and exacted his pound of flesh in interest for every money lent. How else could Aubrey's ostler and callboy get rich quick? All events brought grist to his mill.

You beat Brough; you do, by Jove! for he looks like a rogue anybody would swear to him; but you! by Jove, you look the very picture of honesty!" "A deep file," said Aminadab, winking and pointing me out to his friend Mr. Jehoshaphat. "A good one," says Jehoshaphat. "In for three hundred thousand pound," says Aminadab: "Brough's right- hand man, and only three-and-twenty." "Mr.

One wagon was loaded wholly with boiling-kettles, but there was no brine to boil, and at the close of November not a pound of salt remained in the camp. One of the first and most important of Colonel Johnston's duties was to provide for the keeping, during the winter, of the mules and horses which survived. On Black's Fork there was no grass for their support.

Mme. S. assured us that meat was only provided three times weekly. We have proof that meat is served six times each week, a quarter of an English pound being supplied to each person. After telling us that the cheese and olives were of the worst quality, she finished by owning that she only found the cheese too salt and the olives monotonous. Mme.

Why, I think she'd have taken a pound for it. But what she did know the value of was her precious time; she was very much annoyed at being kept waiting and at being asked for her address. It is plain she got out without leave; and although the brooch may belong to her I am sure I hope it does she has broken a rule, you mark my words. Those schoolgirls are always up to larks.

When it became known that there was a new butcher, who was selling his meat for twopence a pound, every one came crowding round his stall eager to buy. All the other butchers stood idle until Robin had no more beef and mutton left to sell. As these butchers had nothing to do, they began to talk among themselves and say, "Who is this man? He has never been here before."

Caldwell seemed to be right, for cotton rose to ten cents a pound ten and a half eleven and then the South began to see visions and to dream dreams. "Yes, my dear," said Mr. Maxwell, whose lands lay next to the Cresswells' on the northwest, "yes, if cotton goes to twelve or thirteen cents as seems probable, I think we can begin the New House" for Mrs.