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That at one weak period I was bitten, my honesty would scorn to deny; but fortunately for my peace of mind, "Melpomene looked upon me with an aspect of little favour," and sturdy truth-telling Tacitus made me at last but lightly regardful of my subject.

King Eyo Honesty talked with them about the Gospel and what it meant for their lives. He took them to his house and had a big dinner for them. They traded the bananas, oil, and other things which they had brought for things to take home like mirrors, clocks, and white people's clothes. Then the next day they rowed back to Ekenge.

Now, sir, prove your loyalty and your honesty." He hesitated for a long time. Then from an inner pocket he drew forth a bit of paper. "I don't see why it has not been destroyed," he said regretfully. "What a neglectful fool I have been!" "You might have said it had been destroyed," she said, happy because he had not said it. "But that would have been a lie.

This well-timed exclamation of mine, I perceived, did not fail to have its weight. We again sat down to table, and I was treated with more than usual kindness by the Marquis and his brother, as if in compensation for their having, for a moment, harboured a suspicion of my honesty. But I was ill at ease, and I felt that I never had acted with more prudence than in proposing my early departure.

Kate Waddington, leaning again across her insurance man, was the first to break in. "I myself used to be keen on French when I came back from Europe, but I'm out of practice. Please excuse me, Madame, if I speak English. How can you do it at this price?" "It is kind of you to say so, Mademoiselle economy and honesty." Masters patted Mark Heath on the knee.

Leave anything loose, from a heavy winter overcoat, which no one could possibly use in Cuba, to oh well, anything and any Cuban in sight will take great pleasure in dispelling any false impressions that honesty is a native virtue. Next you notice that he is dirty.

If you burchase it, it is yours, and nopoty can take it away. Honesty is the best policy. And, pesides that, I am Cheorge Dargo. I know my way apout. Paul could have hugged him for sheer joy at hearing the familiar brag again: 'I am Cheorge Dargo. The old countersign was like music. 'Where are we going? asked Paul.

In his saddlebags he carried his black robe and white tippet. He could put these on over his travel-stained clothes and look presentable. His hair was worn long and parted in the middle; his face was cleanly shaved, and revealed comely features of remarkable strength. The man was a commanding figure. People felt the honesty of his presence.

They were rare men who were famed throughout the county for their honesty and common sense." "We shall try to find some other manager as good." "May you be so fortunate. Good luck to you!" With a wave of his hand the ranger cantered into the darkness and was soon lost from sight.

The endless tentacles follow him, reach out after him, surround him, fasten upon him, and draw him back whence he came. And not that only, but they mark him and isolate him, disable him from free action, make honesty impossible for him. No citizen of whatever integrity and standing, if so pursued, maligned and undermined, would have any choice left him but either to perish or to break the laws.