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Who does not know what it is to feel at times a wave of unaccountable persuasion that it is about to go well with him? not the feverish confidence of men in danger of a blow from fate, not the persistent illusion of the optimist, but an unsought conviction, springing up like a bird from the heather, that success is at hand in some great or little thing.

The people were in ignorance and were ruled by the priests. But the Crusades had brought about a new intercourse between the West and the East. The fall of Constantinople sent Greek books and Greek scholars to Venice and to Rome. Greek art inspired Michelangelo and Raphael. A great wave of enthusiasm for the new learning swept over Europe.

For a minute or so we were in very great danger, for as soon as we were broadside to the wind the waves seemed to leap up and the wind to strive to blow us over; but by sheer hard work Bigley got her head round, and then we pulled together, with the boat rising up one wave and plunging down another in a way that was quite startling.

"Well, you know, I stood there waiting for the dénouement. Now it happened that, as the child-angel went up, a brisk breeze had started, which blew away all the smoke, so that she went along for some distance without any apparent inconvenience. I saw her reach the top; I saw her turn and wave her hand in triumph. Then I saw her rush forward quickly and nimbly straight toward the crater.

At the same moment Miss Mullins slipped down from the vehicle, and, with a parting wave of her hand to the Judge who had assisted her from the steps, tripped down the cross road, and disappeared in its semi-obscurity. To our surprise the stage waited, Bill holding the reins listlessly in his hands.

The most dangerous times are dawn and evening tide: the troopers spare their horses during the heat, and themselves during the dew-fall. Whenever, in the desert, where, says the proverb, all men are enemies you sight a fellow creature from afar, you wave the right arm violently up and down, shouting "War Joga! War Joga!" stand still! stand still!

"I know because of my people. Oh! it was noble." "But about the scarabæus " he broke in, with a wave of his hand. "Surely it is the same with which the bandage was made fast upon your hurt oh! years ago?" "Yes, it is the same," she answered, looking down. "I thought it. And when I gave it to you, I said some words that seemed to me well spoken at the time. What were they? I cannot remember.

Then I wanted to go for help, but he begged me not to leave him alone. So I could only shout and wave my handkerchief. The pains came back and back and every time he grew weaker. Oh, it was angina. I have seen it before twice. If I had only had some nitrite of amyl! But there was nothing nothing I could do." He paused, and then added timidly, "I am a Catholic; I said some of our prayers."

He must also see that his detector is adjusted to its greatest degree of sensibility and his tuner to the proper wave length.

Benedict did in the sixth century and those of the Cluniacs and the Cistercians in the eleventh, and it is what the Franciscans and Dominicans tried to do in the fourteenth century, and failed because the fall of the cultural and historic wave had already begun.