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So saying, Sir Benedict of Bourne smiled his twisted smile and, wheeling his horse, rode away down the glade, his mail glistening in the early light and his lance point winking and twinkling amid the green.

"We are going to be terribly crowded in this little space," I lamented, with a glance at the building chaos which was already overflowing our narrow limits. Barrett slapped me on the back. "There was one time when your Uncle Bob had the right hunch," he bragged exultantly. "Our attorneys, Benedict & Myers, have succeeded in buying the Mary Mattock for us, which gives us room for the dump.

Now you must sup and then take a much-needed rest, dear lad; and to-morrow tell me if you had need to spend more than I gave you." Raising his voice, the Bishop called his Chaplain; whereupon that sinister figure at once appeared in the doorway. The Bishop gave orders concerning the entertaining of the young Esquire of Berchelai; then added; "And let the chapel be lighted, Father Benedict.

He told the same story of Anthony and the Egyptian hermits with similar results. The most renowned ecclesiastic of the Gallican church, whose name is most intimately associated with the spread of monasticism in Western Europe, before the days of Benedict, was Saint Martin of Tours.

A most curious colloquy between the abbot and the devils on this subject may be found in Osberne's "Life of Dunstan." xvii The Benedictine Rule. St. Benedict, the founder of the great Benedictine Order, was born in the neighbourhood of Nursia, a city of Italy, about A.D. 480.

It was a Sunday school in the little town of Wolfville, which lies between the Gaspcreau and Cornwallis rivers, just beyond the meadows of the Grand Pré, where lived Gabriel Lajeunesse, and Benedict Bellefontaine, and the rest of the "simple Acadian farmers." "Mists from the mighty Atlantic" more than "looked on the happy valley" that Sunday morning.

So, the wars ended, came I home again, burning ever with my love, and sought her out, and beholding the sadness in her eyes I spake my love; and forgetful of honour and all save her sweet soul and the glory of her beauty, I tempted her aye, many times! tempted her in fashion merciless and cruel insomuch that she wept many bitter tears, and, upon a day, spake me thus: 'Benedict, 'tis true I loved thee, for thou wert a noble knight but now, an thy love for me be so small that thou canst bring me to this shame, then take me where thou wilt but ne'er shall all thy love nor all my tears thereafter cleanse us from the shame of it. Thus went I from her, nor have I looked on woman since.

He was also a member of the board to try the British spy, André. His attitude toward André was very different from that toward Benedict Arnold. André, he said, conducted himself in a manner so frank, so noble, and so delicate, that he could not help feeling infinite sorrow for him. The winter of 1780-81 was the darkest period of the war.

As the monk in his youth had served in a troop of the imperial cavalry, he now, spite of his ecclesiastical dignity, managed the stables of the wealthy monastery, and had formerly come to the smithy in the market-place with many a horse, but since the monks had become involved in a quarrel with the city, Benedict ordered the animals to be shod elsewhere.

For thy so great love, thy faith and loyalty, fain would I thank thee yet words be so poor, and I O, Benedict " "Lord," said Benedict, "our camp lieth scarce three miles westward, come, I pray thee " "Nay, first come ye, friend, and look upon a dead witch that was indeed a noble woman." So Beltane brought Sir Benedict where lay the dead Jolette, smiling yet as though into the eyes of God.

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