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He had very large brown eyes of a puzzling quality; perhaps that was because there seemed to be no thought behind them and one caught the mystery and the wistfulness of some animals from a glance at him.

Of rigid vows and always engaged in due performance of sacrifices, countless animals, desirous of going to heaven, used to come to him of their own accord.

'to be in existence', but always means 'to come into existence'. ARTICULOS: 'joints'; cf. 51 culmo geniculato. The word tamquam softens the metaphor in articuli, which would properly be used only of the joints in the limbs of animals. GEMMA: Cicero took the meaning 'gem' or 'jewel' to be the primary sense of gemma and considered that the application to a bud was metaphorical.

Next day, after the animals had been again led down the steep bank to the river, and conducted thrice round the hole in the ice from which the women of the village drew their water, they were taken to an appointed place not far from the village, and shot to death with arrows.

These give them the advantage of skimming along the surface, while the moose plunges through the deep rift, and is therefore impeded in its flight. Notwithstanding, it will frequently escape from the hunter, after a chase of several days' duration! Sometimes, in deep snow, a dozen or more of these animals will be found in one place, where they have got accidentally together.

Great boars, cased in hides an inch thick, had perished through sheer stress of weather; while thin-skinned animals, with only a few months growth of fine merino wool on their backs, had endured it all. It was well known that the actual destruction of sheep was mainly owing to the two days of heavy rain which succeeded the snow.

He is fond of dogs, mice, and all sorts of animals, but he does not like people. That's the pass to which a man can be brought." "His mother disappeared without a trace, his father is a thief and a drunkard," said Nilovna pensively.

Different animals have different parasites; but, as he shews, the same species of animal has the same parasite, wherever it may be found.

While he was convinced that they would neglect no opportunity to break faith, he acted as if there was not a doubt in his mind. The agreement required him to return to camp to secure the animals, and he intimated that considerable time must elapse before the exchange could be effected.

This will happen anywhere that plains and animals exist, on any planet to the edge of the galaxy, because there are laws for living things as well as stones. Great dark masses of the beasts moved unhurriedly past the ship.