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"He used to be so lively formerly. He has always been fond of a drink who wouldn't be? but still he never took more than he could stand. But now!" He shook his head, and his glance seemed to Mrs. Tiralla to have suddenly grown suspicious. "I don't know how it's happened." "I don't know either," said she, as she cast her eyes around. Where had those two crept to?

My brother John is not come down again, nor am I certain when he will be here. He went from London into Gloucestershire to my sister who was very ill, and his youngest girl, of which he was very fond, is since dead. But I believe by that time his wife has a little recovered her sickness and loss of her child, he will be coming this way.

A number of these passed me on the tally-ho coach; and a lady, who had got her husband with her for over Sunday, and was in very good spirits, called gayly down to me: "Your friend seems fond of exercise!" "Yes," I answered, dryly; the sparkling repartee which ought to have come to my help failed to show up.

They wanted to know if I wouldn't join them, and have an aftanoon of our own here in the hotel, so that people could come to us all at once." She went back to the party, and described the rest of it. When she came to the part about the Russian, she told what he had said of American girls being fond of money, and wanting to marry foreign noblemen. Mrs.

In extent, it is a mere nothing; you would be surprised at its insignificance; and, as for improvement, there was very little for me to do too little: I should like to have been busy much longer." "You are fond of the sort of thing?" said Julia.

"That makes the way he treats every human being who is in any way dependent on him all the more disgusting," said Mr. Manley firmly. "Oh, I don't know. It's something to be fond of animals," she said tolerantly. "This morning he had a devil of a row with Hutchings, the butler, you know, and discharged him." "That was a silly thing to do.

I have never forgotten those performances, and laugh now when I think of the knight who shouted to his servant Kasperle, "Fear my thread!" Or of that same Kasperle, when he gave his wife a tremendous drubbing with a stake, and then inquired, "Want another ounce of unburned wood-ashes, my darling?" Paula was very fond of these farces.

Pretty canny, eh?" "It is incredible," said she, with unnecessary vehemence. "Not in the least. Clever person, Sara is. Sets her heart on a thing, and woof! she gets it, whether or no. Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm fond of Brandon Booth. We all are. We don't object to him as a sort of family attachment. But if she's going to marry him, we want to know where we stand in a business way.

He turned, checking Dixy. "Oh, I forgot to say that you must not forget the office clerks, because you know they are all so fond of John." "What a wretch you are, Ann Penhallow! Go in and repent."

The old chief was fond of this cup, which he had brought from home, and, when it was found in the beggar's dirty wallet, everybody cried that he must be driven out of the camp and well whipped.