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If you had whipped my infernal nonsense out of me, and made me mind when I was little There, there, mother," he concluded more considerately, as she began to grow hysterical under his words, "do, for God's sake, be more composed! We can't help what has happened now. I'll either change the world's opinion of me, or else get out of it." "How can I be composed when you talk in so dreadful a manner?

But when they had gone still farther, Blessom thought he recognized the parish they were driving through. "Is not this Vaage?" cried he. "Yes, now we are there," replied the stranger, and it seemed to Blessom that they had gone pretty fast. "Thank you for the good ride," said he. "Thanks to yourself," replied the man, and added, as he whipped up his horse, "Now you had better not look after me."

Yet still he lingered on, looking back through the shimmering heat that seemed to make the yellow earth blaze; until at last they were so near that he could see them point ahead and bring their tired horses to a stop. Then he whipped out his pistol and shot back at them defiantly, turning off up the Dry Trail at a trot.

Some day I'll be able to boast that I whipped the distinguished Paul Irving. But then I never did whip you, did I, Paul? What an opportunity lost! I think I kept you in at recess, however." "You may be famous yourself, Teacher. I've seen a good deal of your work these last three years." "No. I know what I can do.

"I've told a great many stories," he said at last, in a low, humble tone; "but this truly isn't one. I'm trying to tell the truth after this, and Jesus believes what I have said this time." "So do I, Edward," answered Mr. Holbrook gently, even tenderly. "Ellis was mistaken. But I see you are angry with him; can't you get over that?" Tip shook his head. "He got me whipped for nothing, sir."

Nonchalantly Big Tom shifted his weight from foot to foot, and chuckled through the stubble of his beard. "One-Eye!" cried Cis. "Oh, I'm so glad you've come! Oh, One-Eye, he tied us to the table all night! And he whipped Johnnie with the rope!"

Of course I was at once discarded from the Great House as a good-for-nothing Light o' love, and was told that if ever I presumed to show my face on the Quay-side again I should be sent to the Spinning House, and whipped. They had better have taken care of me while I was with them.

Tom whipped in the hounds, wondering what had become of their leader, till he was seen on the grass on the opposite bank, having come down, not having discovered the rope, rather more rapidly than he intended.

Say, youse don't have ter wait long fer de curtain, ter go up on de act. Don't youse make a sound!" The doorknob turned. Jimmie Dale whipped his flashlight into his pocket and in a flash, as a man entered, switched on the light, and slammed shut the door. A dapper individual, wearing tortoise-rimmed glasses, with black moustache and goatee, was staring into the muzzle of Jimmie Dale's automatic.

This was the cause of further misfortunes; he was condemned to stand in the pillory, to pay another five hundred marks, to be degraded from the ministry, and publicly whipped from Newgate to Tyburn. When the Revolution came he expected a bishopric as the reward of his sufferings; but he was scarcely the man for the episcopal bench.

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