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She moved a step or two into the crowd, and when one or two timid bids were heard for the coveted treasure, she raised her own voice and for the first time appeared eager to secure something for herself. Rose bid against her, an angry flush filling her blue eyes as she did so. Maggie nonchalantly made her next bid a little higher Rose raised hers.

Bywank, in conclusion, 'puzzles my head, I'm sure. Mere handling so many hearts might do it. Mr. Rollo pursued his breakfast rather thoughtfully and nonchalantly for a time. 'Mrs. Bywank, Mrs. Coles is returned. 'Surely! said Mrs. Bywank, with a slight start. 'Then she'll make mischief, or it'll be the first chance she ever missed.

He took the dropchute down to the basement of the building, to the small prison section where the alien officer was being held. The guards saluted nonchalantly as he went in. The routine questioning sessions were nothing new to them. MacMaine turned the lock on the prisoner's cell door and went in. Then he came to attention and saluted the Kerothi general.

All eyes were turned on Kennedy, who made a gesture of polite deprecation, as if the remark of my friend were true, but he nonchalantly placed his chips on the "17." "The odds against '17' appearing four consecutive times are some millions," he went on, "and yet, having appeared three times, it is just as likely to appear again as before.

As McCormick with the police loomed up, a moment late, out of the darkness and after a short struggle clapped the irons on Stacey and Lazard in Stacey's own magnificently upholstered car, I remarked reproachfully to Kennedy: "But, Craig, you have shot the innocent chauffeur. Aren't you going to attend to him?" "Oh," replied Kennedy nonchalantly, "don't worry about that.

The stranger was young and of poor appearance. His bare feet were bound in a pair of the rope sandals worn by the natives, his clothing was of torn and soiled drill, and he fanned his face nonchalantly with a sombrero of battered and shapeless felt. Sir Charles halted in his walk, and holding his cigar behind his back, addressed himself to the sergeant. "A vagrant?" he asked.

I used to scorn Lucy's dinners. They are very different from Edith's, where, when the last guest in her stunning new gown has arrived and swept into the drawing-room, followed by her husband, a maid enters, balancing on her tray a dozen little glasses, amber filled; everybody takes one, daintily, between a thumb and forefinger and drains it; puts it nonchalantly aside on shelf or table; offers or accepts an arm and floats toward the dining-room.

He said the Monarch stood up and took the bombardment as nonchalantly as he would a fusilade from a pea-shooter, appearing to be only amazed at the cheek of the man and the buckskin horse. When Jeff's rifle was empty, he turned and spurred his horse back down the trail, followed by the bear, who kept up the chase about a mile and then disappeared in the brush.

Mauville?" said a gay but hushed voice, interrupting his ruminations, and Susan, in a short skirt and bright stockings, greeted him. "The better for seeing you, Mistress Susan." Nonchalantly surveying her from head to foot. She bore his glance with the assurance of a pretty woman who knows she is looking her best. "Pooh!" Curtesying disdainfully. "I don't believe you!

Courtlandt was for going down to the bureau and sending up our cards. But I would not hear of such formality. I am a privileged person." "Sure yes! Molly, ring for tea, and tell 'em to make it hot. How about a little peg, as the colonel says?" The two men declined. How easily and nonchalantly the man stood there by the door as Harrigan took his hat! Celeste was aquiver with excitement.

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