They, as you see, could do nothing unassisted. There are three or four thousand troops here, and the Protestant mob who would join them would number seven or eight thousand, at the very least. Therefore, any attempt to rise in the face of such odds, unless after a crushing defeat of William's troops, would be out of the question.

"Well, what's the odds?" said I. "That's all we wanted, isn't it?" "Loudon, I tell you I've had to pay blood for that money," cried my friend, with almost savage energy and gloom. "It's all on ninety days, too; I couldn't get another day not another day. If we go ahead with this affair, Loudon, you'll have to go yourself and make the fur fly.

Ursel's is in a thin golden case, and stands on the high altar, but shown to humble Christians only on solemn days." "Eleven thousand virgins!" cried Denys. "What babies German men must have been in days of yore. Well, would all their bones might turn flesh again, and their skulls sweet faces, as we pass through the gates. 'Tis odds but some of them are wearied of their estate by this time."

He was up again in an instant and was defending himself from the attack of half a dozen thugs. He put up a splendid fight, but the odds were too great, and in a few minutes he was down on the ground, unconscious and bound. The emissaries of the Automaton, for such they were, carried him down the steps and into the warehouse cellar. Already, on leaving Brent Rock, Paul Balcom had not been idle.

The audience loved to see him in this mood, for they knew by experience that he was generally able to meet his adversary, and no odds given or taken. "That's you, is it, Szchenetzy?" "Yes, it's me." "Do you remember in last month's talk that I showed you the Dolomites the curious mountains of the Tyrol? and in connection with those the Brenner Pass?" "Yes."

It was hard to realize that this little body held one of the great driving minds of the country. He was an intensely nervous and irritable man, bitter and implacable by all odds the most hated and feared man in Wall Street. He was swift, imperious, savage as a hornet. "Directors at meetings that I attend vote first and discuss afterward," was one of his sayings that Montague had heard quoted.

On the one side was a host of Filipino rebels, believing by the incessant firing of the Kansans that it was facing an equal host. On the other side were sixteen men who, knowing the odds against them, dared the game of war to the limit. "How many rounds have you left?" Captain Clarke asked. "Only one," came the answer. "Give it to them when I give the word.

His available resources were now represented by some guns, old books, bridles, another saddle, his rare Chinese punch-bowl and its teakwood stand, and a few remaining odds and ends.

His cousin Frederic, however, had no desire to measure himself with the stadholder at such odds, and stole away from him in the dark without beat of drum.

And where all this time, it may be asked, where was Long Cecil? Long Cecil had been doing its best, but with the odds so long as ten to one against, its best was a negligible quantity.