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He was tired of making patterns in the dust with marigolds for one thing. He wanted to pretend. It was his birthright to pretend, in a large active way, and he couldn't carry it out. The other boys didn't care about making believe soldiers, and running and hiding and shouting and beating Sonny Sahib's tom-tom, which made a splendid drum.

When the couple reached a spot near the bass drum, the Judge stopped and, borrowing the stick from the musician, he rapped sharply on the side of the drum. "He's going to make a speech!" "Be quiet!" "Judge Middleton is going to talk!" The other nine old men called for order. Another sharp rap on the drum and all was still. "Friends," the Judge said, "I have something to say to you."

A placarded post beside a lamp met this musician's eye; and, still piping, he bent his knees and read the notification. Emilia thought of the Hillford and Ipley clubmen, the big drum, the speeches, the cheers, and all the wild strength that lay in her that happy morning. She watched the boy piping as if he were reading from a score, and her sense of humour was touched.

Here they performed a species of walking dance, in two right lines, very slow and very stiff and measured, having attached to it some mysterious meaning. They were gaily dressed, attended with a drum and iron castanets, making melodious noises. Each had a matchlock slung at his back. The women carried a chafing-dish of incense, as if about to raise some spirit or ghost.

John is possessed of patience to a reasonable extent, but he would like to see what this paper contains. "Professor, you seem to have about everything; can you drum up a cigar and a match?" "Both, luckily." "Ah! thanks," accepting them eagerly. "It may be dangerous to light up here," says Philander, cautiously, but the other is deaf to any advice of this sort.

In these stood the images of the gods, and before each stood an altar upon which blazed the undying fires, the putting out of which was supposed to portend so much woe to the nation. Here also was the huge drum, made of serpents' skins, struck only on extraordinary occasions, when it sent forth a melancholy sound that could be heard for miles a sound of woe to the Spaniards in after times.

Each party has a guide with a flag, and when that is planted all that company stops till it is lifted, and a drum is beaten, and a kudu's horn sounded.

Martin asked. "Yeah, a guy I met Patrick O'Shaunessy." "Patrick O'Shaunessy?" "Yes." "I'll be damned. I met him the other day." Patrick, she thought. Martin reminded her of Patrick; that's who it was. More people arrived. A soprano sax joined the piano. A man with gray hair set up a drum kit. Joe Burke stood near the piano with a blonde leggy, like me, Willow thought, but better looking.

"Twenty-second, The watch shall be set every night by eight of the o'clock, either by trumpet or drum, and singing the Lord's Prayer, some of the Psalms of David, or clearing of the glass." "Twenty-sixth, No person shall depart out of the ship wherein he is placed into another without special leave of his captain."

All the windows were wide open; judging from the figures moving at the windows, the rooms were full to overflowing. There were sounds of singing, of clarionet and violin, and the boom of a Turkish drum. He could hear women shrieking.

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