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A Spanish fleet entered the harbour of Port Said, Egypt, at the head of the Suez Canal, on the twenty-sixth. It was composed of: Battle-ship Pelayo, Admiral Camara’s flag-ship. Armoured cruiser Emperador Carlos V. Auxiliary cruiser Patriota, equipped with twelve guns, and carrying troops and marines. Auxiliary cruiser Buenos Ayres, equipped with ten guns, and carrying stores and a few troops.

In the meantime, however, the American ship, Nebraskan, had been torpedoed off the coast of Ireland on the twenty-sixth; and, on May twenty-eighth, Germany stated that the American steamer, Gulfflight, had been torpedoed by mistake, and apologised for this act. Bryan as Secretary of State.

We continued on picket through the twenty-sixth, but all was quiet along the lines. An inspection of horses was made this morning, when a large number were condemned as utterly unserviceable; and they were started off toward Washington, to be exchanged for better ones. July 27. I have the responsibility and honor of being in command of a company.

As to the non-fulfilment of this intention see p. 31. My known repugnance ... proves at least. Shelley was far from being an exact writer in matters of this sort. Keats, at the time of his death, was not really in his twenty-fourth, but in his twenty-sixth year: the date of his birth was 31 October, 1795.

The second, granting to his majesty a certain sum of money out of the sinking-fund, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty, comprehended a clause of credit for borrowing the money thereby granted; and another clause, empowering the Bank to lend it without any limitation or interest; and the third, enabling his majesty to raise a certain sum of money towards discharging the debt of the navy, and for naval services during the ensuing year, enacted, that the exchequer bills thereby to be issued should not be received, or pass to any receiver or collector of the public revenue, or at the receipt of the exchequer, before the twenty-sixth day of March, in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-one.

On the 22d, at the rising of the moon, the camp proceeded, and halted in the forenoon on the beach of the river, opposite Halfya, a very large village on the easterly bank. We stayed here till the twenty-sixth to obtain durra from this territory, whose chief brought, as a present to the Pasha, some fine horses and many camels, and received, in return, some valuable presents.

Diary of October twenty-sixth: Alma and I called today upon two neighbors in the old schoolhouse next the church, by name Dr. H. and wife. They claim to have come from Dawson not very long ago, being shipwrecked on the way, and losing their outfit.

We shall try to get into touch with the sixth division of the Third Reserve Army Corps on our right." Twenty-sixth of October, 1914: "What a frightful night has gone by! There was a terrible rainstorm. I felt frozen. I remained standing knee-deep in water. To-day an uninterrupted fusillade meets us in front.

Even some boxes of cigarettes we sent another royalty at the front at Christmas time, 1914, were not acknowledged. Dr. Jacobs, who was the correspondent in Berlin of MusicalAmerica, and who remained there until about the twenty-sixth of April, 1917, was called on about the sixteenth of April, 1917, to the Kommandantur and subjected to a cross-examination.

"Ah who can tell The looks men cast on famished men; The thoughts that came up there." In the morning watch of the twenty-sixth of February, we "crossed the line" in longitude 29° 56' 50'' west, with such light breezes, that at meridian we had logged but 30' south.

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