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He drew back; his eyes became strange. "Mother," he said, harshly, "I'm the guilty one. There was a heap of cotton waste in the corner, shouldn't have been there. And I let the men smoke cigarettes." She was horrified. "But why did you do that?" she whispered, moving a little away from him. "My thoughtlessness ... my business." The word was charged with bitterness. "Business! business!

Early the following morning Kennedy left me alone in the laboratory and made a trip downtown, where he visited a South American tobacco dealer and placed a rush order for a couple of hundred cigarettes exactly similar in shape and quality to those which Mendoza had smoked and which the others seemed also to prefer, except, however, that the deadly drug was left out.

But Mortimer stood, aimlessly shaking the empty box in front of him, as though to convince himself that the gem was not there. Behrend fell on his knees and raked the pile of cigarettes over and over with his fingers. "Nothing there!" he shouted angrily, springing to his feet. "It's all bluff! He's bluffing to the end! See, he doesn't even attempt to find his famous jewel!

Did she object to George Sand's behavior? Or did she sympathize with that sort of thing? Did those statues, and the loose-flowing diaphonous toga and unbound hair, the cigarettes, the fiery liqueur, the deliberately sensuous music was he to believe that they signified ? "Good-morning, Mr. Ware. You have managed by a miracle to hit on one of my punctual days," said Celia.

The Senators really meant to pronounce their decision concerning the libel case, and then to finish the other business, Maslova's case among it, over their tea and cigarettes, without leaving the debating-room. As soon as the Senators were seated round the table in the debating-room, Wolf began to bring forward with great animation all the motives in favour of a repeal.

"And then," continued Faquita, with a slight affectation of maiden bashfulness, in the closer-drawing circle of cigarettes, "and then they talked of other things and of themselves; and, of a verity, this gray-bearded Doctor will play the goat and utter gallant speeches, and speak of a lifelong devotion and of the time he should have a right to protect " "The right, girl! Didst thou say the right?

They thought otherwise, however; and presently, hearing the tinkling of a guitar, we went out and saw two great fellows in broad hats, jackets, and serapes, solemnly dancing opposite to one another; while more men looked on, smoking cigarettes, and an old fellow with a face like a baboon was squatting in one corner and producing the music we had heard.

"Is that true, or or do you only know it?" "It's true because I know it," answered Coquenil. "See here, I'll bet you a good dinner against a box of those vile cigarettes you smoke that this man who calls himself Alice's cousin has the marks of my teeth on the calf of one of his legs I forget which leg it is."

I only smoke Egyptians, or a pipe. But tell me why am I to refuse Ma Chit's cigarettes?" "The reason is this, and a good one these black scorpions employ what they call 'love charms. Oh yes, laugh, laugh, laugh away! But one of these charms would soon make you laugh the wrong side of your mouth.

The article was a small match-box, with a regimental badge in enamel on one side, and on the other some initials in monogram. Colwyn examined it closely. "I see the initials are J.R.P.," he said. "How did you know they were his initials? You knew his name?" "Yes. He used to light cigarettes with matches from that match-box when I was with him, and one day I asked him to show it to me.