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"Because, if there is a world on the other side of the hedge, they would tell on their return all about the Land of Twi, and others of their kind would come through the hedge from curiosity and annoy us. We can not be annoyed. We are busy." Having delivered this speech both the Ki-Ki went on playing the new tune, as if the matter was settled. "Nonsense!" retorted the old Ki, angrily.

Wyatt and his men threw themselves upon their faces, and, after a long wait, searched the bushes, but found nothing. Now the Indians approached the point of rebellion. It was against the will of Manitou that they should prosper on their errand. The loss of three comrades was the gravest of warnings and they should turn back. But Wyatt rebuked them angrily.

What was it, which thus put out of humor the brave hero, the victory-crowned king? He became aware that his second front tooth had broken off. The gap thus caused was the natural explanation of the want of clearness in his playing. He threw the mirror angrily aside, and with a frown on his brow paced rapidly up and down the room two or three times.

Pope, who is always flattered by an allusion to his negligence of fame, smiled slightly and answered, "What man, alas, ever profits by the lessons of his friends? How many exact rules has our good Dean of St. Patrick laid down for both of us; how angrily still does he chide us for our want of prudence and our love of good living!

"Nothing, Deliverer," she answered; "only I was thinking that Nam is my father, and I am glad that you did not shoot him, as this black dog, who is named a god, suggests." "Of gods I know nothing, you old cow," answered Otter angrily; "they are a far-off people, though it seems that I am one of them, at any rate among these fools, your kinsmen.

"Remember, we haven't even a single shotgun aboard." "You would surrender, then?" he demanded angrily. "But suppose they were going to kill you?" "I'm not saying what I'd do," I answered stiffly, beginning to get a little angry myself. "I'm asking what you'd do, without weapons of any sort?" "I'd find something," he replied rather shortly, I thought. I began to chuckle.

"You spy!" hissed Fred angrily, but Dick, not heeding his enemy, continued: "The way Ripley started out, the first showing he made, Darrin and I saw that we were left in the stable. Candidly, we were in despair of doing anything real in the box, after Ripley got through. But I suppose all you gentlemen have heard of Pop Gint?" "Gint! Old Pop?" demanded Coach Luce, a light glowing in his eyes.

Following a kindly impulse, she was on the point of leaving to make way for the animals, when she suddenly recollected Hermas's threat to drive her from the well, and she angrily picked up a stone and flung it at the buck, which started and hastily fled. The whole herd followed him.

Sue angrily half rose from her chair, but Joe with a grim move of his hand said softly, "Sit down and try to stand this. Let's get it over and done with." Then he turned quietly back to me. "Why yes I'd let her support me," he said. "You mean you don't care one way or the other. You'd both be working for what you believe in, and how you lived wouldn't especially count?" "That's about it."

"I didn't do that on purpose, I told you," he returned angrily. "You can't make me believe that it's no use trying." "I shan't try though it's the gospel truth and you'll find it out some day." "When?" "Oh, when the time comes, that's all." "You speak in riddles," she said, "and I always hated guessing." Then she held out her hand with a pleasant, conventional smile.