"Oh, do not frown Upon this crown Of green pinks and blue geranium But think of me When this you see, And put it on your cranium." "O Molly, you will never hear the last of that if Grif gets it," said Jill, as the applause subsided, for the boys pronounced it "tip-top."

The water was dripping from the muzzles of two or three light guns on board the ship, but no one thought of loosening them for service in such a tempest. Her black sides, as they emerged from a wave, glistened and seemed to frown; but the wind howled through her rigging, whistling the thousand notes of a ship; and the hails and cries that escape a Frenchman with so much readiness were inaudible.

Still the gale increased, and the impatient waves began to lip over the poop occasionally as if unable to refrain from tasting! "More cargo must go," muttered the captain, with a gloomy frown. Being resolute, he gave orders to that effect. Presently the order was given to take soundings. When this was done it was found that they were in twenty fathoms water.

Now that the Emperor, who at first was benignant, had begun to frown on his undertaking, he did not slacken in his own endeavours to set his army on foot.

He was just as polite to the poorest person there, but it was the big bugs that tuck the most to him." "Well," the Squire summed up, "I don't see but what your reports agree, and I reckon there must be some truth in 'em. Who's that up there at the pike-crossing?" He did not trouble himself to do more than frown heavily in the attempt to make out the passer. Mrs.

He had nothing to share with them, not even a thought; and resolving to get rid of his quondam friends as soon as possible, he confined his welcome to a frown. "Hulloa! what's the matter?" Kelson exclaimed. "When a man frowns like that, it usually means he is crossed in love." "Or has an empty stomach, which amounts to the same thing," Curtis interposed. "Come let the sun loose, Leon!

Sir Terence, however, sat back in his chair, his work neglected, his eyes dreamily gazing through the open window, but seeing nothing of the sun-drenched landscape beyond, a heavy frown darkening his bronzed and rugged face. His mind was very far from his official duties and the mass of reminders before him this Augean stable of arrears. He was lost in thought of his wife and Tremayne.

So he rode slowly up among the scattered oaks with his hands folded on the mutilated pommel, and he knew that his lines were definitely cast. Tharon Last rode into the Holding and dismounted in unwonted silence. There was a frown between her brows, an unusual thing. She turned the stallion into his corral, dragged off the big saddle to hang it on its peg, flung the studded bridle on a post.

He looked at her thoughtfully, while a frown drew his straight dark eyebrows together. "If you wanted a thing with all your heart, and yet were not sure " Her impatience answered him. "I couldn't want it with all my heart without being sure." "Sure I mean that it is best best for every one not just for oneself " Her laugh was like a song.

Hastening down the passage-way Dave hung his sword on, then hastily rummaged the suit case for a pair of white gloves that he had previously tucked in there. Hastening, he reached the deck just as the watch was being changed. With quick step Ensign Darrin took his momentary post. Then, when the old watch had gone off duty, Lieutenant Cantor turned to his subordinate with a frown.