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I hope he won't turn out a ninny, and disgrace his family? The doctor, wiping the sweat from his forehead, replied, with some hesitation, 'he could not tell he hoped the best the squire was to be sure a very extraordinary young gentleman. But the father urging him to give an explicit answer, he frankly declared, that, in his opinion, the son would turn out either a mirror of wisdom, or a monument of folly; for his genius and disposition were altogether preternatural.

To all this conversation Don Quixote was listening very attentively, and sitting up in bed as well as he could, and taking the hostess by the hand he said to her, "Believe me, fair lady, you may call yourself fortunate in having in this castle of yours sheltered my person, which is such that if I do not myself praise it, it is because of what is commonly said, that self-praise debaseth; but my squire will inform you who I am.

When he inquired about the health of his squire, this retainer to medicine, wiping himself all the while with a napkin, answered in manifest confusion, that he apprehended him to be in a very dangerous way from an inflammation of the piamater, which had produced a most furious delirium.

The friars, though going the same road, were not in her company; but the moment Don Quixote perceived them he said to his squire, "Either I am mistaken, or this is going to be the most famous adventure that has ever been seen, for those black bodies we see there must be, and doubtless are, magicians who are carrying off some stolen princess in that coach, and with all my might I must undo this wrong."

But I don't believe in this notion about a horse being vicious because he's of a certain color. If your father didn't believe in it, I should call it a superstition; but the Squire has no superstitions." "I don't know about that," said the girl. "I don't think he likes to see the new moon over his left shoulder." "I beg his pardon, then," returned Bartley.

I'll make him smart for this," she said, running in, snatching her bonnet, and out again, making all haste towards Squire Capias's office, to have Mr. Chrome arrested. The Squire heard her story. There was a merry twinkling of his eye, but he kept his countenance till she was through. "I do not think that Mr.

"I never thought of asking him," said Frank, naively. Mr Gazebee looked rather solemn. "I wonder at that," said he; "for everything now depends on the hands the property will go into. Let me see; I think Sir Roger had a married sister. Was not that so, Mr Gresham?" And then it occurred for the first time, both to the squire and to his son, that Mary Thorne was the eldest child of this sister.

I began to see that here was one of the best of possible shipmates. When we got to the inn, the squire and Dr. Livesey were seated together, finishing a quart of ale with a toast in it, before they should go aboard the schooner on a visit of inspection. Long John told the story from first to last, with a great deal of spirit and the most perfect truth.

The natives have different guess places, where you might eat off the floor a'most, all's so clean. P'raps we hante the hedges, and flowers, and vines and fixin's, and what-nots." "Which, alone," I said, "make a most important difference. No, Mr. Slick', there is nothing to be compared to this little cottage. "I perfectly agree with you, Squire," said Mr. Hopewell, "it is quite unique.

The light at the lodge-gates flung a wide glare through the mist, and he steered for it with more assurance. They passed through and turned into the road. And here the squire pulled up with a jerk, for immediately in front of them another light shone. "What the devil is that, Dick?" "It's another car," said Dick and jumped out. "Hullo, there! Anything the matter?" he called.

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