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The advocate of the Grand Duke perceived the mistake, but he allowed Alfonso to continue his eloquent address to the end without interruption; as soon, however, as he had finished, he rose, and said with cutting coolness, 'Sir, the case is not exactly what you suppose it to be; if you will review the process, and examine this paper attentively, you will find there precisely the contrary of all you have advanced. 'Willingly, replied Alfonso, without hesitating; 'the decision depends on this question whether the fief were granted under the law of Lombardy, or under the French Law. The paper being examined, it was found that the Grand Duke's advocate was in the right.

She turned, and looked appealingly at Julian, who had thus far kept his place apart, listening attentively. "Surely," she said, "your friend, the consul, has told you in his letter about the mark on the clothes?"

The metre of the old ballads is very artless; yet they contain many passages which would illustrate this opinion; and, I hope, if the following Poems be attentively perused, similar instances will be found in them.

When Don Quixote had quite appeased his appetite he took up a handful of the acorns, and contemplating them attentively delivered himself somewhat in this fashion: "Happy the age, happy the time, to which the ancients gave the name of golden, not because in that fortunate age the gold so coveted in this our iron one was gained without toil, but because they that lived in it knew not the two words "mine" and "thine"! In that blessed age all things were in common; to win the daily food no labour was required of any save to stretch forth his hand and gather it from the sturdy oaks that stood generously inviting him with their sweet ripe fruit.

I looked at her in silence for some moments, when I heard her pronounce these words, 'Pardon! pardon her, mother! I listened more attentively, but all that I could hear was my name, Madame Armand, pronounced with a sigh." "She repented, during her sleep, of having abused your mother?" "I thought so, and it made me less severe." "And the next day, did she express any regret for her past conduct?"

"You told me if I ever got into a tight place, you'd see me through," he began. Rock nodded and the corners of his thick lips turned downward. "I sincerely trust you have met with no business reverses, my young friend," he purred. "However, if such is the case, feel perfectly free to make me your confidant." Briefly Gregory stated his case, to which the old man listened attentively.

He walked about the hall in his bare feet, and listened attentively at the doors of several of the chambers, especially at that of Mr. Pembroke, the invalid gentleman whom, with his daughter, he had brought home as a passenger in the captured Vixen. Christy heard nothing, and he silently descended the stairs to the lower hall.

"I had an ardent wish, sir," said M. de Bernis to me, "to renew acquaintance with you, since I heard from madame that we had known each other in Paris." With these words he looked at me attentively, as people will do when they are trying to recollect a person whom they have lost sight of.

The painter set to work to draw and then to paint the dresses. But Aramis, who was closely watching all the phases of his toil, suddenly stopped him. "I think you have not quite got it, my dear Lebrun," he said; "your colors will deceive you, and on canvas we shall lack that exact resemblance which is absolutely requisite. Time is necessary for attentively observing the finer shades."

Her father, leaving her with us, went in quest of her sister. While she was relating her adventures, to which nobody listened more attentively than Sir Clement, we saw Mr. Brown enter the room. "O, la!" cried Miss Polly, "let me hide myself, and don't tell him I'm come." She then placed herself behind Madame Duval, in such a manner that she could not be seen.