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A subaltern officer, putting the standard he bore into the hands of the man next to him and taking his axe from him instead, rushed towards the statue, gazed up at it and then, letting the axe sink, withdrew slowly to rejoin the others who still stood hesitating, looking at each other with doubting and defiant eyes.

But listen, Pelle you've been so good, and you've tried to save me next to mother you are the only person I care anything about. If you would like to go abroad I can soon hide you and find the passage-money." "Where will you get it?" asked Pelle, hesitating. "Ach, I go in for the community of goods," said Ferdinand with a broad smile.

Matravers, making his way more hurriedly than usual from the house, hoped to gain another glimpse of the man who had remained the solitary tenant of the round of empty seats. But he was too late. The man and the audience had melted away in a thin little stream. Matravers stood on the kerbstone hesitating. He had not meant to go behind to-night.

The Numantines joyfully embraced this opportunity of obliging him, and invited him into the city; as he stood hesitating, they came up and took him by the hands, and begged that he would no longer look upon them as enemies, but believe them to be his friends, and treat them as such.

Only don't expect me to be very forthcoming!" Constance stopped the carriage, and bent forward. "Mr. Falloden!" He came up to her. Connie introduced him to Mrs. Mulholland, who bowed coldly. "We have just been to see Otto Radowitz," said Constance. "We found him very sadly, to-day." Her hesitating voice, with the note of wistful appeal in it, affected him strangely. "Yes, it has been a bad day.

It read: "Sally Ogletree gave a supper last week, which was a very pretty affair." He stopped short on the trail, and the world seemed to go black around him. He almost fell. Then resumed his way, but step now was hesitating and slow, and he walked with his eyes bent thoughtfully on the ground.

The cardinal had taken the field with an army of fifteen thousand foot and three thousand horse, assembled at Valenciennes, and after hesitating some time whether, or not he should attempt to relieve La Fere, he decided instead on a diversion. In the second week of April; De Rosne was detached at the head of four thousand men, and suddenly appeared before Calais.

After tea she stood hesitating at the bookshelf. He took "Tartarin de Tarascon". Again they sat on the bank of hay at the foot of the stack. He read a couple of pages, but without any heart for it. Again the dog came racing up to repeat the fun of the other day. He shoved his muzzle in the man's chest. Paul fingered his ear for a moment. Then he pushed him away. "Go away, Bill," he said.

His one motive for hesitating was dislike of his younger brother dislike so inveterate that he even recoiled from communicating with Lemuel through the post. There had never been any sympathy between them; but indifference had only matured into downright enmity, on the doctor's part, a year since. The one person in the world who knew how he was really occupied in the laboratory, was his brother.

Can you wonder at it?" "I do not wonder." "Give me those papers you speak of, Mr. Taggett. I would like to look through them. I see that you are a very obstinate person when you have once got a notion into your head. Perhaps I can help you out of your error before it is irreparable." Then, after hesitating a second, Mr. Slocum added, "I may speak of this to my daughter?