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A warm flush mingled with the tan on the younger man's cheek. "Maybe we will, some day," he said, with a wistful note in his voice, "but I'll have to wait till that kid is on his own feet. That won't be long, either. I bet he'll plank down all the money I've lent him before he's through college.

"If He meant I should be a doctor," the girl told herself, "the best thing I can do is to try to be a good one." So Nan packed her boxes and said good-by to Mrs. Graham, who looked wistful and doubtful, but blessed her most heartily, saying she should miss her sadly in the winter.

But there were other beauties that neither of them thought to call to his attention, but which Bellew noted with observing eyes, none the less: such, for instance, as the way Anthea had of drooping her shadowy lashes at sudden and unexpected moments; the wistful droop of her warm, red lips, and the sweet, round column of her throat.

For one brief second her eyes had met his, and there was a sort of wistful and despairing kindliness in them: then she stood before him, with her face turned away from him, and her voice low and tremulous. "I did wish to see you for once, for the last time," she said. "If you had gone away, you would have carried with you cruel thoughts of me. I wish to ask your forgiveness " "My forgiveness?"

First, because the splash of color against her brown coat had called his attention to the fact that she was wearing a pink; and secondly because she was very pretty, and her dark eyes carried a peculiarly wistful appeal. "Too bad Bertram isn't here," thought William. "He'd be sketching that face in no time on his cuff." The pink had given William almost a pang.

He saw her looking at him, and he flashed one enigmatical glance into her eyes, and rose to go out. "How you getting on, Williams?" Ridgeley asked. Williams resented his question. "Oh, I'm all right," he said sullenly. The meal was all over in an incredibly short time. One by one, two by two, they rose heavily and lumbered out with one last wistful look at Mrs. Field.

She was lovely to look at, and she danced with exquisite grace as well as modesty, but the beauty of her face was not so much caused by perfection of feature or outline as by a certain wistful expression that had in it something of nobility and pride. I watched her; at the conclusion of her dance she held up her tambourine with a bright but appealing smile.

To Nogam the young girl looked wan and wistful as if she were missing somebody. And he wondered if Mr. Karslake knew what a lucky young devil he was. He wondered still more about the present whereabouts and welfare of Mr. Karslake.

Was this woman, whose vulgarity and consciousness of money oozed out of her at every pore, actually asking him to give her Una his dear little wistful Una with Cecilia's own dark-blue eyes the child whom the dying mother had clasped to her heart after the other children had been led weeping from the room. Cecilia had clung to her baby until the gates of death had shut between them.

He didn't think Lord Evelyn had many more years before him, though he was only fifty-five; and for a moment he wondered whether he couldn't, after all, accept that offer till the end came. He even, at the garden wall, hung for a moment in doubt, with the echo of that high, wistful voice in his ears.