He assented eagerly, with a shake of his broad shoulders as though to rid himself of the disagreeable burden of his thoughts. From the window of his wife's sitting-room Major Durward watched the two as they started on their way to the village, evidently on the best of terms with one another, a placid smile spreading beneficently over his face as they vanished round the corner of the shrubbery.

"By these and such like means, in the midst of poverty and every kind of distress, I saw myself master of an immense fortune, the casting up and ruminating on which was my daily and only pleasure. This was, however, obstructed and embittered by two considerations, which against my will often invaded my thoughts. "The other haunted me continually, viz., that my riches were no greater.

Father is dead seven years, mother is dead three, and since her death I have kept house for Harold. Then as sleep pressed upon her eyelids Mildred's thoughts grew disjointed. ... 'Alfred, I have thought it all over. I cannot marry you. ... Do not reproach me, she said between dreaming and waking; and as the purple space of sky between the trees grew paler, she heard the first birds.

I hope to have a better influence over you." "As I look at you I regard my pride as most pardonable and natural. My old thoughts and hopes are realized beyond even imagination, although, looking at your eyes, in old times, I always had a high ideal of your capabilities. I should be a clod indeed if I were not proud of such a sister to champion in society."

Many of us have supposed that our minds were the masters of ourselves, and we have allowed ourselves to be tormented and worried by thoughts "running away" with us, and presenting themselves at inopportune moments.

I immediately took the road to Helena, on the Mississippi river. I will not record all my thoughts during that ride homeless, friendless, and, though innocent of crime, hunted like a very murderer, in free and enlightened America! How long is this system of terrorism to continue? This utter disregard of law and the sanctity of human life?

The farm hand, a young fellow with black curly hair, had come for her somewhat late on that Friday evening and they drove home in the darkness. Louise, whose mind was filled with thoughts of John Hardy, tried to make talk but the country boy was embarrassed and would say nothing.

A strange view. Gratified at our discoveries. Return to Fort Mueller. Digging with a tomahawk. Storing water. Wallaby for supper. Another attack. Gibson's gardens. Opossums destructive. Birds. Thoughts. Physical peculiarities of the region. Haunted. Depart. The way we wash our clothes is primitive it can only be done at a depot.

The Father warmed into other themes, all in the same key of mother Church. I listened dreamily, and to my own thoughts as well. He pictured the priest's life of poverty, renunciation, leaving the world of men, the polish and refinement of scholars, to take the confidences and bear the burdens of grimy poverty and ignorance.

All the efforts that were employed to influence him were also employed with me; but to yield to the women was not in my thoughts. We are now approaching, however, the first important incident in this narrative. The darkness increased as the afternoon came on; and it became a kind of thick twilight, no lighter than many a night.