And Muriel went, seeing that she would not otherwise be pacified. She found Blake depressed indeed, but genuinely pleased to see her, and she walked in the garden with him in the soft spring twilight till the dinner hour. Just as they were about to go in, the postman appeared with foreign letters for them both, which proved to be from Sir Reginald and Lady Bassett.

The latter greeted him with a friendly gesture, but both ladies hesitated to utter the first word. The young man turned hastily, noticed that he was in the room overlooking the court-yard, and said, eagerly: I was down below just before twilight, to look at my new quarters, and heard singing from this room, and such singing!

Doctor Hertz hesitated a moment. "Pneumonia." Fanny's hands grasped the footboard tightly. "Do you think we'd better have a nurse?" "Yes." The nurse seemed to be there, somehow, miraculously. And the morning came. And in the kitchen Annie went about her work, a little more quietly than usual. And yesterday seemed far away. It was afternoon; it was twilight. Doctor Hertz had been there for hours.

Over there oh, he felt as though he would die for joy, so great was the cruel emotion that wrung his heart! over there, almost at the top of the Needle of Etretat, a little below the extreme point round which the sea-mews fluttered, a thread of smoke came filtering through a crevice, as though from an invisible chimney, a thread of smoke rose in slow spirals in the calm air of the twilight.

Twilight closed at last, and having placed her father's evening meal before him, she cautiously gazed down the narrow alley, and perceiving no one stirring, sallied forth. The stars gave a faint light, and she hurried on toward the bridge: swift was her step, yet noiseless, and she glided on like a being from another world, so stealthy were her movements.

I watch the golden flush fade to gray, and then, the canyon slowly fills with purple shadows. This hour of twilight is the silent and melancholy one. Seldom is there any sound save the soft rush of the water over the stones, and that seems to die away.

The approach of the "twilight of the gods," the Götterdämmerung, was a stern reality to the Teuton. Although instinct with gloomy fatalism, this religion taught bravery. None but the brave were invited to Valhalla to become Woden's guest. The brave man might perish, but even then he won victory; for he was invited to sit with heroes at the table of the gods.

My father shook his head; then he took two or three turns about the room. "Shall I ring for candles, sir? It is getting dark; you will wish to read." "No, Pisistratus, it is you who shall read; and this hour of twilight best suits the book I am about to open to you."

Twilight had set in strongly, the gay crowd was beginning to disperse, and in the distance the three figures could be seen making their way across the Place d'Armes, the girl hanging on the elderly gentleman's arm, and the young man following with seeming sullenness behind. They turned into one of the narrower streets, and we quickened our steps.

"Don Jayme, we swore that day comrade love and service and that day is now; twilight has never come to it, the leaves of the oak wood have never fallen! The Holy Office shall not have thee!" "Don Enrique " We sat down and drank each a little wine, and fell to ways and means.