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Mr Thomas Davies, the actor, who then kept a bookseller's shop in Russell Street, Covent Garden, told me that Johnson was very much his friend, and came frequently to his house, where he more than once invited me to meet him; but by some unlucky accident or other he was prevented from coming to us.

"I've come around to let you know that you couldn't laugh like a horse at ME no more, George Dowden! So YOU weren't invited, either." "Invited?" said Dowden, "Where?" "Over to the BALL your friend is givin'." "What friend?" "Dave Beasley. So you ain't quite good enough to dance with his high-society friends!" "What are you talking about?" Dowden demanded, impatiently.

And Marjorie quite forgot Grandma's disapproving remarks about the soda water escapade. "Oh, I don't know," said King. "I expect a children's party here will be rather grownuppish." "Oh, no, Master King," said Perkins; "there are only children invited. Young boys and girls of your own age. I'm sure it will be a very nice party."

For Perpenna, having in his custody all Sertorius's papers, offered to produce several letters from the greatest men in Rome, who, desirous of a change and subversion of the government, had invited Sertorius into Italy.

I constantly met her at the colonel's house, and she invited me to come and see her at her own, but I knew that my mother would not permit me, so I did not ask. As the colonel was my father's superior officer, all attempts to break off my intimacy with her which my mother made, were unavailing, and I passed as usual all my time in any other house except my home.

"I believe before I go that you will think terrible things of me, but you must not begin before I have told you my errand. It has been a great struggle with me before I made up my mind to come here." "Won't you sit down, Baroness?" Peter invited. She saw Sogrange, and hesitated. "You are not alone," she said softly. "I wish to speak with you alone."

Having thus secured the passage of the Pedee, I felt no uneasiness about the future, because there remained no further great impediment between us and Cape Fear River, which I felt assured was by that time in possession of our friends. The day was so wet that we all kept in-doors; and about noon General Blair invited us to take lunch with him.

It has been thought desirable to reprint this letter, as explaining the policy which Mr. Bright thought it his duty to recommend a policy which was as wise and just as it was unfortunately unpopular. Absalom Watkin, of Manchester, having invited Mr.

The old woman, herself, came to the door, and she was glad to see the little prince. She invited him in, and bade him warm his hands by the fire, and gave him a cooky from her cupboard to eat. She had a little grandson no older than the prince, but he was sick and could not run about and play like other children.

The duke now released Anthonio, and dismissed the court. He then highly praised the wisdom and ingenuity of the young counsellor, and invited him home to dinner. Portia, who meant to return to Belmont before her husband, replied, "I humbly thank your grace, but I must away directly."