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"There's a policeman on the crossing at the next corner. In another moment our long-legged one will be safely in custody." Feeling in his inner coat pocket for the written authorization, Benson's fingers touched the envelope. "He's easily caught;" murmured the boy. There is sometimes a big slip between a wish and its fulfillment.

Rossitur, taking in her place the arm-chair and the watch with most invincible good-will and determination; and sleep at last took the joys and sorrows of that disturbed household into its kind custody. Fleda was the first one awake, and was thinking how she should break the last news to her aunt, when Mrs.

Why did I invite myself to this dinner yesterday? But no, it's impossible. And my walking up and down for three hours from the table to the stove? No, they, they and no one else must pay for my walking up and down! They must wipe out this dishonour! Drive on! And what if they give me into custody? They won't dare! They'll be afraid of the scandal.

"I fancied I heard voices," rejoined Sir Rowland. "So did I," answered Jack; "we had better move on. This is a noted place for highwaymen." "I thought you told me that the rascal who has so long been the terror of the town Jack Sheppard was in custody." "So he is," returned Jack; "but there's no saying how long he may remain so.

On his liberation he determined to quit the country, but was committed to the Tower in 1585, and died in custody ten years later, having refused release on condition of forsaking his religion. His body was buried in his father's grave in the Chapel of St. Peter, but was eventually removed to Arundel. He left other inscriptions, one in the window , and one on the staircase , dated 1587.

With refined malice she was committed to the custody of Joseph Welde of Roxbury, the brother of the Rev. Thomas Welde who thought her a Jezebel. Here "divers of the elders resorted to her," and under this daily torment rapid progress was made.

Crossing the room, Britz opened a window and nodded to someone who evidently was waiting in the street. In a few minutes a detective arrived at the door of the apartment and knocked for admittance. Britz invited him to enter. "Collins, this is Detective Hastings," said Britz in introduction. "You will remain in his custody for the present!

Indeed when complexion gave presumption of slave status, as it did, and custody gave color of ownership, the prospect of redress through the law was faint unless the services of some white friend could be enlisted. Two cases made conspicuous by the publication of elaborate narratives were those of Peter Still and Solomon Northrup.

These last immediately jumped in medias res and on the afternoon of the same day secured a writ of habeas corpus from Norman J. Kitrell, District Judge of Harris County, Texas, returnable the following morning. The next day, January 28th, Kitrell released Dodge from custody.

When he first sewed It on in China, It seemed secure nowhere except on his own person. But since then, the manifold perils by sea and land It had encountered through being on him, had caused a strong reaction in his mind on that point. He longed to see It safe out of his own hands and in good custody.

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